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What is Shillong Teer Lottery?

What is Shillong Teer Lottery?

Shillong Teer Lottery is a popular archery-based lottery game that takes place in Shillong, India. Shillong Teer Lottery is an exciting and unique form of gambling where participants place bets on the number of arrows shot during the archery session.

What is Shillong Teer Lottery?


How Shillong Teer Lottery Works

Shillong Teer Lottery is a traditional archery-based lottery game originating from the Indian state of Meghalaya. It is a unique and culturally significant form of gambling that has gained popularity not only in the region but also across the country.

Traditional Archery Connection

The game of Shillong Teer has deep roots in the traditional sport of archery, which has been an integral part of Meghalayan culture for centuries. In this lottery, archers shoot arrows at a designated target, and the outcome of the lottery is determined based on the number of arrows hitting the target. This ancient practice adds a rich cultural element to the lottery, making it more than just a game of chance.

Betting Process

The betting process for Shillong Teer Lottery is straightforward. Participants place their bets on numbers ranging from 0 to 99, each representing the number of arrows that will hit the target during the archery competition. The bets are placed before the archery session begins, and the results are announced later in the day. The winning numbers are then used to determine the lottery winners, offering a unique and exciting gambling experience.

What is Shillong Teer Lottery?


Regulations And Legality

The Shillong Teer Lottery is a popular archery-based lottery game played in Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, India. However, like any form of gambling or lottery, the Shillong Teer Lottery is subject to certain regulations and legal considerations.

Official Guidelines

The Shillong Teer Lottery is governed by official guidelines that ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability in the game. These guidelines are implemented by the Meghalaya State Lotteries, which is the regulatory authority responsible for overseeing all lottery activities in the state.

The official guidelines outline the rules of the game, including the schedule of draws, permissible betting amounts, and payout structures. These guidelines are periodically updated to adapt to changing circumstances and ensure a secure and enjoyable gaming environment for participants.

Legal Aspects

In terms of the legal framework, the Shillong Teer Lottery operates within the provisions of the Public Gambling Act, 1867. This act, which applies to the state of Meghalaya, largely prohibits gambling activities. However, there are exceptions for state lotteries, which are considered legal forms of gambling.

The legality of the Shillong Teer Lottery stems from the fact that it is authorized and regulated by the Meghalaya State Lotteries. The government recognizes lottery as a revenue-generating activity that contributes to the overall welfare of the state and its residents. As such, the Shillong Teer Lottery operates in compliance with the relevant legal provisions and holds a valid license to conduct its operations.

It’s important to note that participating in the Shillong Teer Lottery is legal only within the boundaries set forth by the official guidelines and under the supervision of the regulatory authority. Any unauthorized or illegal lottery activities are strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

By adhering to the official guidelines and recognizing the legal framework in place, players can enjoy the excitement and potential winnings offered by the Shillong Teer Lottery in a safe and secure manner.

Impact On Society

Economic Effects

The Shillong Teer Lottery has significant economic effects on the society of Shillong and its surrounding areas. This lottery serves as a major source of revenue and employment for the local community.

  • The lottery generates a substantial amount of revenue for the government, which can then be allocated towards various developmental projects and public welfare schemes. The funds gathered from the lottery play a crucial role in maintaining the infrastructure and improving the overall standard of living in the region.
  • Moreover, the Shillong Teer Lottery creates employment opportunities for a significant number of people. From the operation and management of the lottery to the production and distribution of tickets, various job roles are created, contributing to the local economy.
  • The economic effects of the Shillong Teer Lottery also extend to the local businesses. As the lottery attracts a large number of participants, it boosts the sales of nearby shops, hotels, and restaurants. This increased footfall leads to a rise in revenue for these establishments, further supporting the local economy.

Social Impact

In addition to its economic effects, the Shillong Teer Lottery also has a significant social impact on the society. It brings people together, fosters a sense of community, and contributes to various social causes.

  • The lottery serves as a form of entertainment and recreation for the people of Shillong. It creates a sense of excitement and anticipation among the participants, giving them a chance to dream and hope for a better future.
  • Moreover, the lottery plays a crucial role in supporting many social causes. A portion of the lottery revenue is often allocated towards charitable organizations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and other social welfare initiatives. This helps in addressing societal issues and improving the overall well-being of the local community.
  • Furthermore, the Shillong Teer Lottery encourages inclusivity by providing an equal opportunity for everyone to participate. Regardless of their background or social status, individuals can purchase tickets and try their luck in the lottery. This promotes a sense of equality and fairness within the society.
What is Shillong Teer Lottery?


Controversies Surrounding Shillong Teer

Shillong Teer, a traditional archery-based lottery game in Meghalaya, has garnered attention for its controversial nature. The game, which involves participants placing bets on the number of arrows hitting a target, has faced allegations of manipulation and garnered varying responses from authorities.

Allegations Of Manipulation

The Shillong Teer lottery has faced allegations of rigging and manipulation by critics, who claim that the outcomes are predetermined to favor certain stakeholders. This has stirred mistrust and skepticism among participants and raised concerns about the fairness of the game.

Authorities’ Response

The authorities overseeing the Shillong Teer lottery have vehemently defended the integrity of the game, asserting that it operates within stringent regulations and undergoes thorough scrutiny to ensure fairness. Despite the backlash, officials maintain that the game’s outcomes are genuine and transparent, dismissing the allegations as baseless.

Comparison With Other Lotteries

Differences In Format

Shillong Teer Lottery stands out due to its unique 2-round format.

A stark contrast to traditional lotteries, where numbers are drawn at once.

Shillong Teer involves archers shooting arrows to determine winning numbers.

Popularity Comparison

Shillong Teer has gained immense popularity in the Indian state of Meghalaya.

Drawn twice daily, this lottery attracts a large number of participants.

Compared to other lotteries, Shillong Teer boasts a loyal following.

Winning Strategies

Analyzing Previous Results

Studying past outcomes helps in making informed decisions.

  • Focus on trends and patterns to predict future results.
  • Look for recurring numbers and analyze their frequency.

Tips From Experienced Players

Veteran players share valuable insights to improve your chances.

  1. Consistency is key – play regularly to increase probability of winning.
  2. Manage your budget wisely to sustain participation in the long run.

Future Outlook And Trends

Shillong Teer Lottery offers an exciting and lucrative opportunity to win big. Experience the thrill of predicting the outcome of archery games and take a chance on this popular lottery trend.

What is Shillong Teer Lottery? – Future Outlook and Trends

Technological Advancements

The Shillong Teer Lottery, like many other lotteries around the world, is likely to see a surge in technological advancements. This includes the implementation of digital ticketing systems and online platforms, making it easier for players to participate from any location.

Global Interest

As the world becomes more connected, the Shillong Teer Lottery is expected to garner increased global interest. With the potential for online participation, it may attract players from varied nationalities and backgrounds, thereby expanding its international recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Is Shillong Teer Lottery?

What Is The Shillong Teer Lottery?

Shillong Teer Lottery is a popular archery-based lottery game that originated in Meghalaya, India.

How Does Shillong Teer Work?

Shillong Teer involves participants placing bets on numbers, then archers shoot arrows at target boards to determine winning numbers.

Is Shillong Teer Legal And Safe?

Yes, Shillong Teer Lottery is a legal game regulated by the Meghalaya government, ensuring fair play and safety measures.

What Are The Rules Of Shillong Teer?

Participants predict two numbers and place bets on them. The winning numbers are determined by the arrows’ placements on the target boards.

How Can I Participate In Shillong Teer?

To play Shillong Teer, visit authorized counters, choose your numbers, place bets, and wait for the results.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Shillong Teer?

Engaging in Shillong Teer offers the chance to win cash prizes, experience thrilling gameplay, and support local communities.

Can I Play Shillong Teer Online?

No, Shillong Teer can only be played offline at authorized counters in Meghalaya due to regulatory restrictions.


Shillong Teer lottery is a unique and thrilling game of archery-based betting. With its roots in Meghalaya, India, it has gained popularity globally. Understanding the game’s rules and history will enhance your experience. Join the excitement of Teer and discover the thrill of this traditional lottery game.