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How to Turn on Samsung J7 Without Power Button

If your Samsung J7 does not have a functioning power button, there are several ways to turn it on. The simplest method is to use the volume buttons. Simply press and hold both the volume up and down buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until you see the logo appear on screen.

If this doesn’t work, then you can try plugging in your phone into a charger or USB port via its charging cable and wait for it to start automatically. Another option is to remove the battery from your device, wait 15 minutes, reinsert the battery and then attempt to start it again by pressing and holding both of the volume buttons as before. Finally, if none of these methods works then you may need to contact customer support for further help with turning on your phone without access to a power button.

  • Charge the Samsung J7: Before attempting to turn on your phone without a power button, it is important to ensure that your device has enough charge
  • Plug in the Samsung J7 into a wall outlet or computer using its charging cable and let it charge until there is sufficient power
  • Remove the back cover of the device: Once you have charged up the battery, remove the back cover from the phone using a small tool like an eyeglass screwdriver or plastic opening tool
  • This will expose all of the internal components including buttons and ports located around its sides and bottom portion of the device
  • Connect external switch/button: Use a soldering iron to attach one end of an external switch/button onto one wire leading out from either side of where you removed your old power button (or any other port)
  • Then connect another wire with open ended clips from this same port onto another part near by such as an antennae or ground connection point at some distance away on your board
  • 4 Turn on Device by pressing external switch/button: If everything was done correctly, then when you press down on this newly connected switch/button once should cause your phone to turn on!
How to Turn on Samsung J7 Without Power Button


How Do I Turn on My Samsung If My Power Button is Broken?

If your Samsung phone’s power button is broken, it can be quite frustrating to turn on the device. Fortunately, there are a few methods that you can use to get around this issue. The first option is to use a USB cable and connect the phone to a computer or laptop.

This will allow you to access the settings and power up the phone manually. Another option is to plug in an external battery or charger directly into the port of your device which should provide enough energy for your device to turn on again. Lastly, if all else fails then you may have no choice but to take it into service center where they might be able replace any damaged parts such as buttons or ports etc..

In conclusion, with some creativity and patience these methods should help get your Samsung back up and running even when its power button is broken!

How Do I Turn on My Samsung Galaxy J7?

Turning on your Samsung Galaxy J7 is a simple and straightforward process. To begin, press and hold the Power button located on the right side of the device. After holding it down for at least one second, you should see the Samsung logo appear on screen before being taken to your home screen or lock screen.

If you’re having trouble turning your phone on, try plugging it in to its charger first; this often helps with power-related issues. Additionally, if you have enabled Smart Stay mode then make sure that there is enough ambient light in order for your display to remain active while you are pressing the power button – otherwise it will not turn back on after powering off completely. Once turned back on, you can ensure that everything is properly set up by checking out Settings > Device Maintenance > Optimize Now which will help keep things running smoothly!

How Do I Force My Samsung to Open Without the Power Button?

If you have a Samsung device and the power button is not working, there are still ways to open it without using the physical power button. There are two main methods of doing this: one involves connecting your phone to an external battery source or USB wall charger, while the other requires accessing your phone’s recovery mode. To connect your phone to an external battery source or USB wall charger, simply plug in either device into the charging port of your Samsung device.

This will cause it to boot up automatically and allow you access to its inner workings. The second method involves accessing your phone’s recovery mode by pressing certain combinations of buttons such as volume down + home + power while powering on the device. Doing so will open up a menu with several options including “reboot system now,” which if clicked should start up your Samsung without needing any extra input from you other than selecting that option.

So if you ever find yourself stuck with a dead power button, try out these methods – they may help bring your device back to life!

How Do I Turn on My Samsung S7 Without the Power Button?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the power button is not working, there are still ways to turn it on. First, if your phone has a removable battery, you can try removing the back cover and taking out the battery for several seconds before putting it back in and pressing down slightly so that it makes contact with its slot. Then, press and hold both Volume Up + Home Key until the device powers on.

Another way to turn your phone on without using the power key is to plug in a USB cable connected to either an AC adapter or PC. This will cause the display screen of your Samsung S7 to light up automatically. Finally, if all else fails you may need to reset your device by turning off Airplane mode then going into Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Continue/Reset Phone which will erase all data stored in internal memory including apps as well as contacts but should allow you access again after rebooting.

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How to Restart Samsung J7 Without Power Button

Restarting a Samsung J7 without using the power button is possible! To restart your device, press and hold both the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together for about 10 seconds until you see the logo on your screen. This should soft-reset your device, allowing it to boot up normally again.

How to Turn on Samsung Without Power Button

If you have a Samsung device, there are multiple ways to power it on even if the power button isn’t working. You can use the hardware keys, plug in your charger and let it boot up, or connect it to another device such as a PC or laptop via USB cable and press Volume Up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously. Depending on your model of Samsung phone, some of these methods may not work but they’re worth attempting before seeking help from an expert technician.

How to Turn off Samsung J7 Without Power Button

If you have a Samsung J7 and the power button is not functioning properly, there are still ways to turn it off without using the physical button. You can use the “Find My Mobile” app from your Samsung account or try connecting your phone to a PC or laptop via USB cable and enter into “Download Mode” in order to shut down the device manually. Additionally, if you have access to another smartphone with NFC capabilities, you can use this technology to power down your Samsung J7 as well.

How to Turn on Samsung J7 Without Power Button And Volume Button

If you’re looking for a way to turn on your Samsung J7 without using the power button and volume buttons, there are several different methods you can try. The most reliable option is to connect your device to an external power source like a computer or wall charger, as this will automatically boot up the device. Alternatively, if you have access to another phone with NFC capabilities, you can use that device’s “NFC Tap and Pay” feature to turn on your Samsung J7 by simply tapping it against the back of the other phone.

Finally, if all else fails, removing and reinserting your battery may be enough to get it going again.


This blog post has provided a valuable guide on how to turn on your Samsung J7 without using the power button. It is important to note that it is possible to use alternative methods, such as tapping the volume buttons or connecting an external power source, in order to get your phone running again. Additionally, if all else fails, you can always take your device into a service center for more assistance.

With these tips in mind, you should now have the knowledge and confidence needed to turn on your Samsung J7 if ever faced with this issue in the future.