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How to Turn on Roku Tv Without Remote

To turn on a Roku TV without a remote, you can use the physical power button located on the back of your Roku TV. First, make sure that your TV is plugged into an active outlet and press the power button once. The device should start up and display the home screen.

If it does not respond to pressing this button, check for any obstructions or foreign objects blocking access to the button before trying again. Additionally, if there is another device connected to your television such as a cable box or gaming console nearby with an infrared (IR) connection capability, you may be able to try using its remote control instead of a regular Roku remote in order to turn on your TV from far away.

  • Step 1: Locate the power button on your Roku TV
  • It will either be located on the side of the television or behind it
  • Step 2: Push and hold down the power button for five seconds to turn on your Roku TV without remote
  • The LED indicator light will flash to indicate that it is powering up
  • You should also hear a sound as it turns on
  • Step 3: Wait a few moments while your Roku TV boots up until you see the main menu screen appear on-screen, then release the power button
  • Your Roku TV is now ready for use without remote control!
How to Turn on Roku Tv Without Remote


Is There a Power Button on Roku Tv?

Yes, Roku TVs are equipped with a power button, located on the underside of the TV. This power button allows users to turn their Roku TV off and on quickly and easily. With this convenient feature, users can quickly switch between different streaming services or channels without having to search through menus or wait for long loading times.

Additionally, when you press the power button your Roku will remember what you were watching last so that you can resume where you left off without any hassle. To use this function simply press and hold down the power button on your Roku remote until it turns off – then release it to turn back on again.

Can You Turn on a Roku Tv Manually?

Yes, you can turn on a Roku TV manually. For most models, all you need to do is press the power button on the remote or on the side of your television for about 5 seconds. You may also see an LED light indicator that will alert you when your device has been turned off or on.

If that doesn’t work, try using the Input button at the bottom of your remote control to switch between different input sources until you reach your desired source and then press Select/OK. This should activate your TV and allow it to be used right away. Additionally, some newer models have a dedicated On/Off button located either in their settings menu or directly next to the power button itself making turning them easier than ever before!

Do Roku Tvs Not Have a Power Button?

No, Roku TVs do not have a power button. Instead of a physical power button, most Roku TV models are equipped with an Energy Saver feature that makes it easy to turn off the display when you’re done watching or streaming content. To activate the Energy Saver feature, press the Home button on your remote and then select Settings > System > Power > Set Auto Power Off.

You’ll be able to choose from several options for turning off your TV’s display at scheduled times or after periods of inactivity. This means that you won’t need to worry about manually powering down your TV every time you leave home or finish streaming something–the Energy Saver will take care of it for you!

What Do I Do If I Lost My Roku Remote?

If you have lost your Roku remote, don’t worry – help is at hand! There are several ways to solve this problem. The first option would be to replace the remote with a new one – either the original model or an alternative third-party version that has all of the same features and compatibility.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to purchase a new remote, there are now app-based solutions that allow you to control your streaming device from your smartphone or tablet. You can also use voice commands with some devices as well as universal remotes if they are compatible with your system. Finally, another option is to connect a keyboard or mouse via USB cable so that you can easily navigate through menus and channels without needing a traditional controller.

Whichever route you choose, it’s important not to panic and remember that there are plenty of options available for getting back up and running quickly!

Roku TVs: How Turn Off/On with Button on TV (No Remote Needed)

How to Use Roku Tv Without Remote And Wifi

If you’re having trouble connecting your Roku TV to the internet, or if you are unable to locate your remote control, don’t worry! You can still use your Roku TV without either of these. All you need is a smartphone and access to the free Roku app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

With this app, you can set up and manage your streaming channels as well as navigate through them using the on-screen keyboard. Additionally, some models of Roku TVs come with a mobile app that allows users to adjust volume and power without needing a remote control at all!

How to Turn on Roku Tv With Remote

To turn on your Roku TV with the remote, first make sure that both the TV and the remote are powered on. Then press and hold down the Home button on your remote for 5 seconds or until you see a message appear on your TV screen indicating that it has been activated. Once activated, you can start watching shows by navigating to one of Roku’s streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and more!

Tcl Roku Tv Lost Remote No Wifi

If you have recently lost the remote for your TCL Roku TV, but do not have access to WiFi, then there is still a way to control your TV. With the free Roku mobile app available on Android and iOS devices, you can use your phone or tablet as a remote instead. All you need is an internet connection from either a smartphone hotspot or even tethered from another device with wifi access.

Once set up, you will be able to easily change channels, adjust volume levels and launch any of your favorite streaming apps!

How to Turn on Tcl Roku Tv Without Remote

If you’re looking for a way to turn on your Tcl Roku TV without the remote, it’s possible. All you need is access to a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection and the Roku app installed. First, launch the app and select “Remote” from the navigation menu.

Then tap “Remote Control” in the upper right corner of your phone or laptop screen. This will bring up a virtual remote control where you can press either Power button to turn on your Tcl Roku TV.


In conclusion, learning how to turn on your Roku TV without the remote is a simple and straightforward process. You can easily use another remote or control it with your smartphone via the mobile app. With these options, you should have no problem turning on your Roku TV even if you don’t have access to the original remote.