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How to Turn on Jvc Tv Without Remote

Turning on a JVC TV without the remote is relatively easy. First, locate and press the power button located at the lower right side of the TV. It may be labeled “PWR” or have an image resembling a power switch.

Once pressed, wait for a few seconds until you hear your TV turn on and see its screen illuminate. If it does not work, try pressing other buttons such as volume up/down or input select. You can also hold down any two of these buttons simultaneously to force start your JVC TV in some cases.

  • Locate the Power button on the TV: Most JVC TVs have a power button located near the bottom of the television’s bezel or frame
  • Check for available batteries: If you don’t have any spare batteries, then you may need to purchase some in order to use your remote control again
  • Press and hold down the power button for several seconds: While holding down the power button, press and release it several times until you see a message on-screen that indicates that your TV is turning on or off accordingly
  • Use alternative ways to turn your JVC TV on without using a remote control: You can also turn your JVC TV on by connecting an external device such as a laptop, DVD player, gaming console etc
  • , via HDMI cable or other connectors (if applicable)
  • This will allow you to bypass having to use a remote control altogether!
How to Turn on Jvc Tv Without Remote


How Can I Use My Jvc Tv Without a Remote?

If you own a JVC TV, but don’t have the remote to operate it, then all is not lost. You can still use your television by accessing its menu system directly from the buttons on the side of your TV. To access this menu and make changes like adjusting volume or changing channels, start by pressing the “Menu” button on your TV’s housing.

This will bring up an option list that allows you to navigate through different settings with the “+” and “-” buttons; once you’ve made your changes simply press Menu again to save them. Your JVC TV also has several other dedicated function keys such as Input Select for cycling through available video sources or Sleep Timer for programming automatic shut offs without having to fumble around with a remote control. With just a bit of time spent familiarizing yourself with these controls, you’ll be able to enjoy using all of features that come built-in in no time!

How Can I Turn My Tv Without a Remote?

If you’re wondering how to turn your TV on without a remote, the good news is that it can be done! Depending on your model and make of television, there are several ways to manually switch it on. If you have an older-style CRT television set with buttons located at the front or side of the TV, then all you need to do is press one of them until it comes on.

If your newer flat-screen LCD or LED TV has no external buttons and only uses a remote control device for powering up and controlling settings, then don’t panic! The power button may still be accessible either through an access panel in the back of the unit or by using a paper clip inserted into a small hole in order to simulate pressing down a physical button. In both cases, all you need is patience and perseverance as well as some basic electrical knowledge.

Finally, if all else fails, try connecting another device such as Blu-ray player directly into your TV via HDMI cable; this should also provide enough current flow for turning it on manually without needing any remotes whatsoever.

What to Do If Your Jvc Tv Won’T Turn On?

If your JVC TV won’t turn on, don’t panic. There are a few simple steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue and get your TV up and running again. First, check the power cord to make sure it is properly connected to both the wall outlet and the back of the TV.

If that’s not it, try unplugging your television from its power source for 30 seconds before plugging it back in; this may reset any electronic components that have become unresponsive. You should also check if other devices plugged into the same outlet are receiving power as expected – if they’re not working either, you could have an issue with your electrical system or outlets. Next, examine all cables connected to your TV (e.g., HDMI) for tight connections or possible damages like bent pins or frayed wires; you may need to replace faulty cables that cannot be repaired otherwise.

Finally, inspect any remote controls used to operate your television – try replacing batteries if necessary and cleaning dirt/dust off buttons which may interfere with their functionality over time. Following these tips will help diagnose most issues causing a JVC TV not turning on – but if none of them work out then consider calling in a professional repair service who can identify more complex problems with internal hardware or software updates!

How Do I Turn on My Jvc Smart Tv?

Turning on your JVC Smart TV is an easy and simple process. First, locate the power button located either on the side or back of your television. It will be a small circular button with an icon that looks like a lightening bolt or a power button symbol.

Once you have located this button press it once to turn on your television and wait for the display to appear on screen. Depending upon which model of JVC Smart TV you own, the next step may involve connecting to Wi-Fi or setting up audio/video inputs before you can begin using it properly; however, these are all straightforward processes that require following a few steps outlined in the user manual provided with your device. Once completed, you should now be able to access all of its smart features such as streaming apps or online content as well as any other basic functions included with your product.

How Do You Reset a Jvc Tv Without a Remote?

If you have a JVC TV and don’t have the remote, resetting it can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, there is a way to do so without the remote. The first step is to locate the “Menu” button on your television set.

It should be near the power button or at the bottom of one side of your TV’s frame. Once located, press and hold this button for several seconds until you see a menu appear on-screen – this may take up to 10 seconds. Use either your arrow keys or volume keys (depending on your model) to navigate through these menus until you find something labeled as “Reset” or “Factory Reset” and select it by pressing enter/okay.

Confirm that you want to continue with this reset by navigating into another submenu which will ask for confirmation before proceeding – once confirmed, allow several minutes for your TV’s settings to return back to its original factory settings!

Does a Jvc Tv Have a Reset Button?

Yes, JVC TVs have a reset button. This important feature allows users to push the reset button and clear out any unwanted settings or preferences they may have changed while using the TV. The reset button is usually located on either the back of the TV itself or in its remote control’s menu options.

To use it, simply press and hold down the reset button until you hear a soft click sound coming from your television set. After that, all of your previously saved settings will be cleared out so that you can start fresh again with new ones.

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Where is the Power Button on a Jvc Tv

The Power Button on a JVC TV is located on the lower right side of the TV’s back panel or at the bottom of some models. It is typically marked with a power symbol and may be accompanied by an LED indicator light that turns red when the device is powered off.

My Jvc Tv Has No Buttons

If you recently purchased a JVC television and are having trouble finding the buttons on your remote or TV, you’re not alone. Many of JVC’s newer models are designed with no physical buttons at all, making them extremely sleek and modern-looking. Instead, they use an intuitive gesture control system that allows users to operate their TVs without ever needing to press any physical buttons.

This makes it easy for everyone in your household to quickly adjust settings like volume or brightness – even if they don’t have much experience with technology!

Where are the Buttons on a Jvc Tv

The buttons on a JVC TV are located in two different places. The first set is located on the front panel and consists of the power, volume and channel select buttons. The second set is located at the back of the television and includes input selector, menu navigation, reset button, audio/video mode selection and more.

Lost My Jvc Tv Remote

If you’ve lost your JVC TV remote, don’t despair! You can still control the TV with a universal or replacement remote. Universal remotes allow you to program multiple devices into one controller, while replacement remotes are designed specifically for JVC TVs and will have all of the same functions as your original remote.

With either option, you’ll be able to get back to watching in no time.


In conclusion, turning on a JVC TV without a remote is possible if you have the right tools. With access to either the buttons on the side of your TV or a universal remote control, it’s easy to turn on and off your television whenever you want. Just make sure that whatever tool you use is compatible with your JVC model before attempting any procedures.