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How to Track a Package from Fedex Without Tracking Number

It is not possible to track a package from FedEx without a tracking number. Tracking numbers are provided by the sender and are essential in order for you to be able to trace the location and status of your package. If you don’t have the tracking number, contact your sender as they will have it on their records.

You can also contact FedEx directly with any information that might help them locate your shipment such as an address or phone number associated with the order. Additionally, if payment was made online, you may be able to access details regarding your purchase through that account which could provide helpful information in locating your package.

  • Step 1: Gather information about the package
  • You will need to know the sender, the recipient, and any other details that can help you track it down
  • The more information you have, the better your chances of finding out where your package is located
  • Step 2: Contact FedEx to inquire whether they have a tracking number associated with your package
  • If they do not, explain what information you have so that FedEx can search for it in their system
  • Step 3: Ask family or friends who may have sent or received the package if they remember a tracking number associated with it
  • In some cases, people forget to keep track of this information and can provide additional insight into where your package might be located
  • Step 4: Check credit card statements or emails from online orders related to the shipment for possible references to tracking numbers associated with delivery services such as UPS or DHL Express as well as Fedex
  • Step 5: Search all email accounts and phone messages for possible mentions of a tracking number connected with FedEx deliveries if all else fails
How to Track a Package from Fedex Without Tracking Number


Can I Track a Fedex Delivery by Address?

Yes, you can track a FedEx delivery by address. Through the FedEx website, you can easily track your shipment and get detailed information about its location and estimated time of arrival. To start tracking a package online, simply log into your account on the FedEx website or enter the tracking number directly into the search bar.

You will then be able to see exactly where it is located along with any additional details such as shipping speed, delivery date, etc. If you are not an existing customer but still need to find out where something is shipped from or when it will arrive at its destination address, you can use their “Track by Address” feature which requires entering both shipper’s name/address and recipient’s name/address in order to locate and monitor packages sent through different couriers around the world. This feature also allows customers to view past shipments for up-to-date information regarding deliveries that have already been made.

Can I Track a Package With My Address?

Yes, you can track a package by using your address. By entering your address into the tracking system of the shipping company, you will be able to find out exactly where the package is and when it should arrive at its destination. The process of tracking a package with an address typically involves entering in your full mailing details such as name, street address, city, state/province, zip code or postal code along with any additional information that may be required for delivery (e.g., suite number).

Once this information is entered into the system it will generate an estimated timeline and location for when and where your package should reach its destination. You can then follow up on this estimate by checking back periodically to see if there have been any changes to the status of the delivery. This way you can keep tabs on whether or not your shipment has arrived safely and in a timely manner – giving you peace of mind that it’s being taken care of properly.

How Can I Track a Fedex Package Without a Tracking Number Or Reference Number?

Tracking a FedEx package without a tracking number or reference number can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are still options available for you to locate your item. The first step is to contact the sender and request they provide you with the tracking information.

If this isn’t possible, then you can try reaching out directly to FedEx using their customer service team by phone or online chat feature. You will need some basic information such as the recipient’s name and address, approximate time of shipment, estimated weight of package and any other details provided at the time of purchase that may help identify its location in transit. Once this is done, they may be able to look up your item based on these criteria if it has been shipped recently enough to appear on their system records.

It also helps if you have access to an account with them since many services are only available for registered customers who can log in and track their packages through their dashboard page. Finally, if all else fails then it might be worth trying social media platforms like Twitter where unfortunately lost items often find themselves!

Can I Track a Fedex Package With My Phone Number?

Yes, you can track a FedEx package with your phone number! It’s easy to do and only takes a few moments of your time. All you need to do is head over to the official FedEx website and select “Track by Phone Number” from the drop-down menu.

Once there, simply enter in your phone number and click “Go” or “Login.” You will then be able to see detailed information about where your package is currently located and when it may arrive at its destination. If you have any questions along the way, customer service representatives are available 24/7 via chat or email for assistance.

Tracking packages has never been easier – thanks to FedEx’s advanced technology, now all it takes is just one simple step!

Is There Any Other Way to Track a Fedex Package?

Yes, there is definitely an alternative way to track a FedEx package. You can use the FedEx Delivery Manager service that allows you to customize your delivery experience in a few simple steps. With this service, you can easily set up email notifications and text messages so that you will be notified whenever your package arrives at its destination.

You will also have the ability to manage your deliveries with features such as rescheduling or redirecting them so they reach their intended recipient on time. Additionally, by signing up for this free service, you’ll gain access to other helpful tracking tools including detailed shipment information and real-time updates of where your package is located currently. It’s easy to sign up for this great option – just visit the website and create an account with all of the necessary details!

How Can I Find Out If I Have a Package Coming Without a Tracking Number?

If you’re expecting a package to arrive but don’t have the tracking number, there are still some steps you can take to find out if it’s on its way. One of the easiest ways is to contact the sender directly and ask them for more information about your shipment. They should be able to tell you which courier company they used, what address it’s being sent from, and when it was shipped—which can help narrow down your search.

If that fails, try calling or emailing the respective courier service with any details you do have (like an order number) so they can look up your shipment in their system. In some cases they may even be able to provide a tracking number without one provided by the sender initially! Lastly, if all else fails, there’s always an option like USPS’ Package Intercept service which allows customers who don’t have a tracking number to submit requests online that could potentially stop delivery of their package before it reaches its destination (for an extra fee).

All these methods should hopefully give you enough insight into whether or not a package is on its way without having access to a tracking number.

Can I track a FedEx package without a tracking number?

Fedex Tracking

FedEx Tracking is a great tool for both customers and businesses alike. With FedEx Tracking, customers can easily track their packages from the moment they are shipped until they arrive at their destination. Businesses can also use this service to monitor shipments, view delivery updates in real time, and set up notifications when packages are delivered or when there’s an issue with the shipment.

FedEx Tracking provides peace of mind that your package is safe and on its way!

Fedex Tracking by Address And Name

FedEx Tracking by Address and Name provides customers with the ability to quickly and easily track their shipments. With this service, you can enter either a street address or name of the recipient, along with a package tracking number, to receive timely updates on the status of your shipment. This feature is available for all FedEx services including Express, Ground and Home Delivery.

Additionally, users can access detailed information about their packages such as estimated delivery timeframes and signature confirmation options.

Fedex Insight

FedEx Insight is a powerful shipping platform from FedEx that provides businesses with an easy way to manage their shipments. Through its innovative features, users are able to track packages, access real-time shipment updates, and get detailed information about the status of their orders. With this service, customers can stay up-to-date on the progress of their shipments and have peace of mind knowing that everything is running smoothly.

With FedEx Insight, businesses can better manage the process of getting goods out quickly and efficiently in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Find Fedex Tracking Number by Address

If you are looking for a way to locate your Fedex tracking number by address, there is an easy way to do this. Simply visit the website of Fedex and use their search feature. Enter in your shipping address or other information related to the package and it will generate a tracking number that you can use to track its progress.

This is especially useful if you have multiple shipments going out from different addresses, as it allows you to keep tabs on all of them at once.


This blog post has outlined the steps to take in order to track a package from FedEx without the tracking number. It is important to note that while this process can be helpful, it may not always yield successful results if there is no other information available about the shipment. In such cases, contacting FedEx customer service would be recommended.

All in all, understanding how to track packages from FedEx without a tracking number can come in handy for those who find themselves in such situations and need assistance locating their shipments quickly.