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How to Set Ringtone in Iphone Without Itunes

To set a ringtone without iTunes on an iPhone, open the Settings app and select Sounds. Tap Ringtone at the top of the page, then choose from one of the built-in options or select ‘Store’ to purchase additional tones. To use a custom tone, first save it as either a m4r file (for iPhones) or mp3 file (for other phones).

Then long press on it in your Files app and select Share > Add to Ringtones. After that’s done, go back into your Settings app and tap Sounds > Ringtone and you should see your new tone listed there! Select it and you’re all set!

  • Step 1: Download a ringtone to your computer
  • Make sure it is an
  • m4r file, as this is the format supported by iPhones
  • Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable and open iTunes on your computer
  • Step 3: Select “Tones” in the drop-down menu located under “Library” on the left side of iTunes
  • Step 4: Drag and drop the ringtone from its saved location on your computer into iTunes Tones folder or you can click Add File option within iTunes Tones folder to select the tone which you want to add to iPhone library
  • Step 5: Disconnect your phone from the computer and go into Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone and select it as default for incoming calls or messages
How to Set Ringtone in Iphone Without Itunes


How Do I Set a Song As My Ringtone on Iphone Without Itunes?

If you want to set a song as your ringtone on an iPhone without using iTunes, there are a few ways to go about it. One way is by using a third party app such as GarageBand or Voice Memos. Both of these apps allow users to select songs from their music library and turn them into custom ringtones for free.

Another popular method is downloading an iPhone Ringtones maker app which can be found in the App Store. These types of apps will allow you to browse through thousands of pre-made ringtones or create your own custom ones with ease. Lastly, if you have access to another device like an Android phone or tablet, you can easily transfer songs over Bluetooth directly onto your iPhone and set them as your new default sound profile.

No matter what method you choose, setting up customized ringtones on any type of smartphone has never been easier!

How Do I Manually Add Ringtones to My Iphone?

Adding a personal ringtone to your iPhone can be an easy and fun way to customize your device. To manually add ringtones, you’ll need the original music file that you’d like as your ringtone. This could either be a song from your iTunes library or one that you’ve downloaded from another source.

Once you have the file, open it in iTunes and then right-click on it and select “Get Info”. From here, navigate to the Options tab where you’ll find two fields labeled Start Time and Stop Time; these are used to define how long of an excerpt of the song will play for each time it is triggered as a notification sound or alert tone. Adjust these times so that only about 15-30 seconds of the track will play when called upon.

Then save this edited version under a new name, such as ‘Ringtonename’. You’re now ready to sync this custom ringtone with your iPhone! Connect the device to your computer via USB cable and click on its icon within iTunes; then navigate over to Tones in order to select which tones should be synced with it (checkmarking any relevant custom ones).

Finally hit Sync or Apply at the bottom right hand corner of iTunes before disconnecting once complete – enjoy having customized notifications!

Can I Set My Own Song As a Ringtone on Iphone?

Yes, you can set your own song as a ringtone on iPhone! It’s a great way to customize your phone and make it unique. You can do this either through iTunes or the Music app.

With iTunes, you’ll need to add the song to your library, then find it in the Tones section of your library. From there, select the “Sync Tones” option and choose which tones will be synced with your device. With the Music app, simply tap on any song that is saved locally on your device (it must be an MP3 file) and then click share > Ringtone > Create Ringtone.

Once you have created the tone for that specific song it will appear in Settings > Sounds & Haptics under Ringtones where you can assign it to a contact or use as default ringtones for all calls/notifications.

How To Change iPhone Ringtone Without iTunes or Computer iOS

How to Set a Song As a Ringtone on Iphone for Free

If you want to set a song as your ringtone on iPhone for free, it’s easy! All you need is the latest version of iTunes and an MP3 file of the song that you want to use. Then open iTunes, find the song in your music library, right-click on it and select “Get Info” from the menu.

In this window, click on the Options tab and then check off “Start Time” and “Stop Time”. This will allow you to choose which part of the song will be used as your ringtone. Finally, save your changes and sync your iPhone with iTunes; now when someone calls you, they’ll hear your chosen tune!

How to Put a Song As a Ringtone on Iphone

To put a song as your ringtone on an iPhone, you can easily do this by opening the iTunes Store app and selecting the song of your choice. Then, click ‘Share’ and select ‘Ringtone’. This will allow you to edit the start and stop times for your new personalised ringtone.

Once finished creating, press ‘Done’ and then choose ‘Buy’ to save it onto your phone. You can now find it in Settings> Sounds & Haptics > Ringtones where you can set it up for incoming calls or messages!

How to Set Ringtone in Iphone Without Itunes for Free

Setting a custom ringtone on your iPhone can be done without iTunes for free! All you need is the app GarageBand, which comes pre-installed with iOS. With this app you can easily create a short track as your new ringtone and then save it to your phone so that you can set it as your default sound.

Plus, since GarageBand already has many different instrument sounds and loops included, creating something unique is easy!

How to Set Ringtone in Iphone Without Itunes And Garageband

Setting a personalized ringtone on your iPhone without using iTunes or Garageband is possible with the help of several third-party apps. These apps allow you to easily create and set any audio file as your custom ringtone in just a few taps. All you need to do is select an audio file, trim it, adjust its volume levels, then save and assign it as your new tone.

It’s a great way to personalize your phone without having to go through the hassle of dealing with complex software like iTunes or Garageband.


In conclusion, setting a ringtone on your iPhone is not as complicated as it may seem. With the help of apps such as GarageBand and ITunes Store, you can easily set any song or audio clip from your music library as your ringtone. So, go ahead and show off some creativity with your favorite songs and make sure that everyone knows when you’re getting a call!