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How to Save Video from Tiktok Without Watermark

1. Download the Tiktok video you’d like to save without a watermark onto your mobile device by tapping on the “Share” icon, then selecting “Save Video” from the menu that appears. 2. Install a third-party app like InShot or Dupli to help remove the watermark from your downloaded TikTok video. 3. Open either one of these apps and upload your saved file into it by selecting “Upload” under their respective menus.

4. Once uploaded, use the editing tools available in either app to crop out any visible TikTok logo or other text that may appear on your video’s thumbnail image (the small preview windows where you can see what’s in a specific clip). 5. When finished cropping, select Save/Export and pick an output format for finalizing your file (e.g., MP4). The exported version should now be free of any visible watermarks!

  • Open the TikTok app on your device and find the video you want to save without a watermark
  • Tap the share icon for the video, which is located in the bottom right corner of your screen next to the comment button and select “Save Video
  • ” 3
  • The video will then be saved to your phone’s photo library with a basic watermark that says “TikTok” at the top left corner of it
  • To remove this watermark, open up an editing app such as Adobe Photoshop Express or Pixlr X and upload your newly-saved Tiktok video into it
  • 5
  • In whichever editor you use, crop out any parts of the video where you can see traces of TikTok’s logo or text near its corners or edges until only what you want to keep remains visible onscreen after cropping out all other parts containing any references to TikTok itself from view completely off-camera if necessary
  • Save this newly edited version as a new file back onto either your smartphone or computer device once finished editing it to completion so that now when others watch it they won’t get reminded about its original source platform (i,
  • e: Tiktok)
How to Save Video from Tiktok Without Watermark


How Do I Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermark?

Downloading TikTok videos without watermark can be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely possible. Before getting started, you’ll need to download a screen recording app from the app store of your choice (iOS or Android). Once downloaded, open the app and give it access to record your screen.

Now go to TikTok and search for the video you want to download without a watermark. Make sure that before beginning playback of the video, you’ve turned on the microphone in the settings of your recording app so that sound will also be recorded along with whatever is playing on-screen. After starting playback of the video press “record” in your recording app; once finished simply stop recording and save it as an MP4 file onto either Dropbox or Google Drive (or whichever cloud service works best for you).

The final step is just downloading this file directly onto your device – voila! You now have a version of a TikTok video without any pesky watermarks.

How Do I Remove a Tiktok Watermark from a Video?

Removing a watermark from a TikTok video can be done by using either software or online tools. To remove the watermark, you first need to download the video in question and save it on your device. Once the video is saved, you will then need to find an appropriate program to edit it with.

There are many free options available such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie for Mac users, but there are also paid programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X that offer more advanced features if needed. After opening the program of choice, simply open up the file containing your TikTok video and start editing away! Depending on which method you’re using there may be specific instructions for removing watermarks but generally speaking all that needs to be done is deleting or masking out any text or images that appear in your video.

One thing to keep in mind when attempting this task is that some videos have their own copyright protection so make sure not to do anything illegal before proceeding with any edits!

How Do I Save Tiktok Videos Without Watermark on Iphone?

If you are an iPhone user and want to save TikTok videos without the watermark, there is a fairly straightforward way to do this. First of all, open the video that you would like to save on your device and then press on the Share button. From here select “Save Video” which will download it directly into your camera roll.

Afterward, go ahead and open Photos app where you can find the video in its original format without any watermark. It should also be noted that if you have HD quality enabled for saving videos from TikTok then they will be saved with higher resolution than what was originally uploaded by other users so make sure to check out for these options as well before downloading anything from TikTok directly onto your device.

How to Save TikTok Videos Without the Watermark! | Remove TikTok Watermark (2023)

How to Save Video from Tiktok Without Watermark Free

Saving videos from TikTok without watermark is easy and free! All you need to do is find the video you want to save, press the share button, then select ‘Save Video’. Your saved video will not have a watermark on it and can be accessed any time in your device’s gallery.

Remove Tiktok Watermark

If you want to share your TikTok videos online without the watermark, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, download the video from within the app and save it to your device or computer. Then use an editing program such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to remove the watermark by cropping or blurring it out of the video.

Once edited, upload your new unwatermarked version of your TikTok video onto social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram for everyone to enjoy!

How to Save Tiktok Without Watermark 2023

In order to save TikTok videos without a watermark in 2023, you will need to make sure that the video’s settings are set to “Allow Download.” Once this is done, simply click on the download button and voila! Your video will be downloaded without any pesky watermarks.

It’s important to note however, that only Private Accounts can access these settings; Public Account videos cannot be saved without a watermark.

How to Save Tiktok Without Watermark Reddit

Saving TikTok videos without a watermark is easy, and Reddit has plenty of helpful advice. If you’re using an Android device, the simplest way to do this is to download a third-party app like Video Downloader for TikTok or VidMate. These apps allow you to save TikToks without the watermark in their original resolution.

For iOS devices, there are browser extensions available that can help you save videos without any watermarks as well. With either method, be sure to read through each step carefully before downloading anything – some apps may contain viruses or malicious software!


This blog post provided an easy and simple way to save TikTok videos without a watermark. With these steps, you will be able to download all of your favorite TikToks with ease and share them with friends and family. The tools discussed in this article are free, saving you the hassle of paying for costly software or services.

Now that you know how to save video from TikTok without a watermark, you can start downloading those funny clips right away!