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How to Remove Underarm Odor from Clothes Without Washing

Underarm odor is often hard to remove from clothes without washing. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can help get rid of the smell and keep your clothes smelling fresh. One way to remove underarm odor from clothing without washing is by using baking soda or cornstarch.

Sprinkle some onto the affected area and let it sit for 15 minutes before brushing off with a clean cloth. This helps absorb any excess moisture and neutralize odors. Vinegar can also be used as an effective deodorizer, just be sure not to use too much so that it doesn’t damage fabrics or colors in the fabric.

Spray vinegar on the garment and leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with cold water. Using essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemon juice or eucalyptus oil can also help reduce underarm odor from clothing without washing them immediately by adding a few drops on cotton balls placed inside of garments overnight to absorb any unwanted smells. Finally, you may want to try freezing your smelly clothes for 24 hours if all else fails!

Place the item in an airtight bag and store in your freezer overnight – this will kill bacteria which cause unpleasant odours thus eliminating bad smells from your clothing items without having to wash them first!

  • Step 1: Start by sprinkling baking soda on the affected area
  • Baking soda is a natural odor absorber, so it can help to absorb any odors that are present in the fabric and neutralize them
  • Make sure you sprinkle enough baking soda to cover the entire area of clothing that has been affected
  • Step 2: Let the baking soda sit on the garment for at least 30 minutes, but preferably one hour or more if possible
  • The longer it sits, the better chance it will have of absorbing all of the odors present in your clothes
  • Step 3: Once you have let it sit for an appropriate amount of time, shake off any excess baking soda from your clothing item and then brush away any remaining residue with a dry cloth or soft-bristled brush
  • This will help remove any stubborn odors that may still be lingering around after letting the baking soda do its job
  • Step 4: After brushing off all residual baking powder from your garment, spray lightly with white vinegar and let air dry completely before wearing again or storing away until needed next time
  • White vinegar helps neutralize odors and can also be used as an effective deodorizer when sprayed directly onto fabrics like cotton shirts or other items prone to smelling musty over time without washing them every few days or weeks
How to Remove Underarm Odor from Clothes Without Washing


How Do You Get Stubborn Armpit Smell Out of Clothes?

Getting stubborn armpit smell out of clothes often feels like an uphill battle. Unfortunately, sweat can be one of the toughest odors to remove from fabric; however, there are some strategies you can utilize to help get rid of that unpleasant odor for good. First and foremost, it is important to pre-treat any clothing with a stain remover or laundry detergent before washing.

This will break down the bacteria causing the bad odor in your garments. Additionally, opting for a cold water wash cycle with an enzyme-based laundry detergent will help eliminate bacteria without weakening fabrics as hot water might do. If you’re dealing with particularly strong smells, add 1/2 cup white vinegar during the rinse cycle which helps neutralize odors and leave clothing smelling fresh and clean once more!

Once your items have been washed and dried, another option is line drying outside as natural sunlight has anti-bacterial properties that can aid in deodorizing clothes naturally. Lastly, if all else fails consider investing in a professional dry cleaning service which may be able to effectively extract deep set smells from materials such as wool or cashmere. With these steps it is possible to rid your wardrobe of pesky armpit smell so you don’t have to worry about an offensive aroma every time you wear something new!

Can You Freshen Up Clothes Without Washing Them?

Yes, you can freshen up clothes without washing them! Depending on the type of fabric and how soiled they are, there are a few different methods to try. For delicate fabrics like silk or wool, spot-cleaning with a damp cloth is the best way to go.

You can also use an aerosol fabric refresher spray for light odors. If your clothing has more serious stains or smells, then dry cleaning is probably your best option. But if you’re looking for a quick fix that won’t damage the fabric of your clothes, steaming is one of the most effective ways to remove wrinkles and restore freshness between washes.

To steam clothes at home, simply hang them in the bathroom while showering and leave it until everything feels smooth again. Another great solution is to put items in a sealed plastic bag with some baking soda or white vinegar overnight – this will help absorb any bad odors from within the fibers before finally airing it out outside during daylight hours for maximum effect!

Does Armpit Smell Stay on Clothes?

Yes, armpit smell can stay on clothes. This is because when you sweat, the bacteria on your skin interact with sweat to create an unpleasant odor that can linger in fabrics even after they’re washed. To avoid this problem, it’s important to wash your clothes regularly and thoroughly to prevent odors from building up over time.

It’s also a good idea to use deodorants or antiperspirants specifically designed for underarm odor protection so that less odorous sweat is produced in the first place. Additionally, if you notice a stronger-than-usual smell coming from your clothing after washing them, try using baking soda or white vinegar as natural fabric softeners—these ingredients are known for their ability to help eliminate strong odors without damaging delicate fabrics like silk or wool. With these tips in mind, you should be able to keep any unwanted armpit smells out of your wardrobe!

How Do You Get Sweat Smell Out of Clothes Fast?

It can be really frustrating to have your clothes smell of sweat after a long, hot day or an intense workout session. Fortunately, there are ways you can get that unpleasant odour out of your clothes quickly and easily. To start with, use an enzyme-based detergent such as Tide Odor Rescue when washing the affected clothing items – this will help break down bacteria which is causing the smell.

Additionally, adding a cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle helps to neutralise any lingering odours. For extra freshness you could also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil directly into the fabric softener drawer. Finally, if possible hang up wet clothes outside in direct sunlight so they can dry naturally – this will help kill off any remaining germs which may be stuck on the fabric fibres and leave them smelling good as new!

HOW TO REMOVE SMELLS ON CLOTHES WITHOUT WASHING| Freshen Dirty Clothes That Smell | Clean With Me

How to Remove Underarm Odor from Clothes Fast

Removing underarm odor from clothes can be a challenge, but there are a few simple steps you can take to get rid of the smell quickly. First, try soaking the stained areas in white vinegar for at least an hour before washing. Additionally, adding baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to your laundry cycle may also help deodorize clothing affected by body odor.

Finally, hang your garments out in direct sunlight after they’ve been washed which will kill any lingering bacteria that could cause bad smells.

How to Remove Bad Smell from Clothes After Washing

Removing bad smells from clothes after washing can be a tricky task, but there are some simple steps you can take to make sure your laundry is fresh-smelling. To start, try adding a few drops of essential oil or vinegar to your wash cycle for an extra burst of fragrance. You might also want to consider investing in a fabric softener that specifically tackles odors, and make sure not to overload the washer so that the detergent has enough space to do its job.

Finally, be sure to dry your garments outside whenever possible for natural sun-powered deodorizing!

Remove Smell from Clothes Without Washing

Removing odors from clothes without washing can be done by using a few simple techniques. Try hanging the garment outdoors in direct sunlight for a day to naturally remove mild smells. You can also try using baking soda, vinegar or even vodka as an odor remover.

Simply sprinkle the product on the article of clothing and let it sit overnight before airing it out again. Essential oils are another good option and have natural antibacterial properties that can help with removing more stubborn odors and bacteria.

Baking Soda to Remove Odor from Clothes

Baking soda is an effective and natural way to remove odors from clothes. Simply add ½ cup of baking soda to your regular laundry detergent when washing smelly items, such as gym clothes or pet bedding. The baking soda reacts with the water and helps pull unpleasant odors out of fabric fibers, leaving your clothing smelling fresh and clean.

Baking soda can also be used directly on the fabric in a sprinkle-on form before putting into the wash for extra odor removal power!


Removing underarm odor from clothes without washing can be a great way to save time and money. By using natural products like baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar, you can easily remove those pesky smells with minimal effort. Moreover, the use of fabric sprays or sachets are also an effective option for preventing odors from returning in the future.

With these easy tips, you’ll have fresh smelling laundry every time!