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How to Pay Toll-By Plate Without Invoice

Paying toll-by-plate without invoice is simple and convenient. Firstly, you will need to register your license plate number at the toll plaza or online. Once registered, you can then drive through the toll but no payment needs to be made at that time.

After passing through the toll plaza, an image of your vehicle’s license plate will be captured by cameras which allows for automatic billing of your account. You’ll then receive an invoice in the mail with details about when and where you drove through a particular toll road as well as how much was charged – this is what you must pay before it’s due date. If payment isn’t received on time, late fees may apply so make sure to keep track of these invoices!

  • Locate a Toll-By Plate facility near you: Before attempting to pay a toll without an invoice, it is important to locate the nearest Toll-By Plate facility
  • This can be done by using online maps or local business directories
  • Request an invoice: Once you have located the closest facility, contact them and request an invoice for your payment
  • The staff at the facility should provide you with either a printed receipt or an electronic version of the document containing all of your payment details including your vehicle’s license plate number and amount due
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  • Pay for your toll: After obtaining your invoice, proceed to pay for your toll via credit card or debit card at any participating retailer (e
  • , gas stations)
  • You may also choose to pay in cash if desired; however, most facilities do not accept cash payments so make sure to confirm this beforehand if necessary
  • Wait for confirmation: Depending on how quickly you processed your payment, it may take up to 72 hours before receiving confirmation that the transaction was successful from both parties (the retailer and the Toll-By Plate provider)
  • Make sure to keep track of when this occurs as additional charges may apply if payments are not received within allotted time frames
How to Pay Toll-By Plate Without Invoice


How Do I Pay My Central Florida Toll Without an Invoice?

If you want to pay your Central Florida toll without an invoice, there are a few different options available. You can pay by mail, phone or online through the website for the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX). Mail payments should be sent to P.O. Box 527945 Orlando, FL 32852-7945 and must include either a check or money order made out to CFX.

When paying by phone, call 407-825-7000 and have your credit card ready; follow the automated prompts provided in order to complete the transaction. The most convenient way of making payment is via their website where you will need your CFX account number in order to proceed with payment of your tolls without needing an invoice present – simply select “Pay My Toll” from the homepage menu and then enter all required information accordingly before following up with submission of payment via debit/credit card or electronic check method..

How Do I Find Out If I Owe a Toll in Florida?

In Florida, if you have used a toll road or bridge, it is important to know whether or not you owe a toll. This can be difficult to determine since there are several different ways to pay for the use of these roads and bridges (e.g., SunPass transponder, cash/credit card payment at the toll booth). Fortunately, finding out if you owe a toll in Florida is relatively easy.

The first step is to log on to from your computer or mobile device and select “Check Your Balance” from the main menu. If it appears that you do owe a toll payment then enter the license plate number of your vehicle into the form provided and click “SUBMIT” for further instructions about how to make payment online or by mail/phone as well as any applicable late fees associated with your unpaid balance. Additionally, some local county websites may provide information about how much money is owed along with details about when payments must be made in order to avoid additional penalties such as fines or even suspension of driving privileges until all outstanding balances have been paid in full – so be sure to check those sites too!

Finally, if all else fails then contact the customer service department of your local Department of Transportation office directly via telephone for assistance in determining exactly what needs paying before taking any other action related to this matter.

How Do I Check for Unpaid Tolls in Texas?

If you have recently traveled on a toll road in Texas, it is important to check if you have any unpaid tolls. Unpaid tolls can result in hefty fines and penalties that must be paid before being able to drive legally again. Fortunately, checking for unpaid tolls is easy with the help of the state’s website

On this site, drivers can log into their account and view all previously used tags or license plates associated with them as well as information about each trip taken on a toll road including payment status and outstanding fees owed. Additionally, users are provided with contact information in case they need to discuss an issue regarding their trips or payments. Finally, there is also an option for individuals who don’t know which tag or license plate was used during the trip; this allows those affected by unpaid toll charges to search for records using personal details like name and address linked to their vehicles registration paperwork.

With these available resources from, anyone driving through Texas can stay up-to-date on their unpaid tolls so they never experience unexpected financial penalties due to forgotten transactions!

How Do I Pay a Toll I Missed in Austin?

If you missed paying a toll in Austin, Texas, don’t worry! The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) has made it easy to pay your tolls online. You can use the TxTag website or mobile app to pay your missed tolls.

All you have to do is log into your account and locate the “missed a toll” link on the homepage. From there, enter the details of your vehicle and license plate number along with the date that you drove through an unpaid toll lane. Once you’ve entered all of this information, you’ll be able to make payment for any outstanding charges from that particular trip.

It’s important to note that if multiple trips are taken without paying a toll during one day, each trip must be paid separately within 14 days or else additional fees may apply. To avoid having additional fees added onto the cost of your missed tolls in Austin, be sure to take care of them promptly!

License Plate Toll Billing Process – How Does It Work?

Check Toll by License Plate

Check Toll by License Plate is a feature that allows drivers to find out the amount of toll fees associated with their vehicle’s license plate number. This feature can be used at most major toll roads and bridges in the United States, as well as some international locations. It is an easy way to pay for your tolls without having to wait in line or worry about carrying cash.

With Check Toll by License Plate, you’ll get instant payment confirmation and no more worrying about losing your ticket or forgetting to pay!

Check Toll Violations by License Plate Texas

If you think you may have been issued a toll violation in Texas, there is an easy way to verify your license plate was charged. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) offers the ability to check for violations online by entering in your vehicle’s license plate number. This provides drivers the assurance that they will not be penalized for any unpaid fees or fines associated with their vehicles.

Additionally, if you do find out that you have received a toll violation, TxDOT allows you to pay directly on its website or over the phone with credit/debit cards and bank accounts.

Pay Texas Toll Online

Paying tolls in Texas is now easy and convenient with the online toll payment system. Drivers can quickly and easily pay their tolls using an electronic tag, credit card or debit card through the Texas Department of Transportation website. This service allows drivers to avoid waiting in long lines at a cash booth and eliminates the need for carrying change or exact bills.

It also provides a secure payment solution that helps reduce traffic congestion on Texas roads by keeping people moving.

How to Check If I Owe Tolls in Texas

If you’re wondering how to check if you owe tolls in Texas, the answer is easy. All you need to do is visit the website of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and log into your account with your license plate number or vehicle identification number. Once logged in, you can view all outstanding toll violations, pay any fines and fees using a major credit card, or sign up for an online payment plan.

You can also contact TxDot directly by phone or email for assistance in resolving any issues related to unpaid tolls.


Overall, paying toll-by plate is a convenient and cost-effective way to pay for tolls. From the initial registration process to ongoing payment methods, this method of payment allows drivers to save time and money. Additionally, it provides peace of mind knowing that you will never miss or incur late fees on an invoice ever again!

With its many benefits, it’s easy to see why this is becoming one of the most popular ways for drivers to pay their tolls.