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How to Not Be Basic

To not be basic, focus on being unique and authentic. Instead of following trends or fitting in with a certain group, strive to create your own style. Express yourself through clothing, music, art and whatever else passion you have.

Learn about yourself by exploring different cultures and trying new things without worrying about what others may think of you. Spend time with people who share similar interests but also challenge you to expand your horizons. Develop an appreciation for the unknown and embrace failure as a learning experience rather than seeing it as something negative.

Listen to other perspectives before forming opinions so that you can learn from them instead of immediately dismissing them out of hand. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to express your thoughts openly without fear or judgement – this will help cultivate confidence within yourself and make sure that you are truly living authentically!

  • Develop Your Own Unique Style: The key to not being basic is developing a unique style that reflects your personality and interests
  • Try experimenting with different fashion trends until you find something that suits your sense of self
  • You don’t have to wear what everyone else wears, so be creative and have fun with it! 2
  • Expand Your Knowledge Base: Being basic isn’t just about looks; it’s also about knowledge and perspective
  • Take the time to learn more about subjects outside of the mainstream culture, such as politics, art history, philosophy or even obscure genres of music
  • This will help broaden your horizons and give you a better understanding of the world around you
  • Listen To Different Types Of Music: Listening to new types of music can open up an entirely new realm for creativity and self-expression – plus it’s a great way to escape from mainstream songs that are overplayed on radio stations everywhere! From hip hop to classical, there is plenty out there for everyone – get out there and explore! 4
  • Participate In Activities That Challenge You: Doing activities that challenge yourself in some way can help build confidence while keeping things interesting at the same time! Whether it’s rock climbing or taking on a complex DIY project – anything goes as long as it pushes boundaries while allowing growth in some capacity (and hopefully having fun!)
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  • Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Last but not least, one surefire way to avoid being too “basic” is by getting out of your comfort zone every once in awhile! If you usually order coffee with cream try switching up ordering black coffee instead; if you typically go for safe colors like grey or beige when dressing then experiment wearing bright colors like yellow or pink instead – anything goes as long as it helps add variety into your life without compromising who YOU are at heart!
How to Not Be Basic


What Makes a Person Basic?

A basic person is someone who follows the trends, follows what everyone else is doing, and doesn’t take risks or stand out in any way. They’re often seen as people who are unoriginal, lack imagination and don’t think for themselves. Basic people also tend to focus on material things like clothing labels, cars and other possessions that they feel reflect status rather than substance.

While these qualities may not be bad in themselves – it’s okay to want nice things – being a basic person goes beyond superficial desires; it means lacking creativity or the willingness to think differently from others. It also implies conforming too much to societal standards instead of forming one’s own opinions and decisions based on their individual values.

How Can You Tell If Someone is Basic?

Deciding whether or not someone is “basic” can be a tricky task, as there’s no one set way of determining it. Generally speaking, however, basic people tend to follow the same trends and styles as everyone else without ever really standing out in any particular way. They may be seen wearing specific brands and using certain products that are popular at the time, but they don’t typically have their own individual style.

Basic people will often talk about similar topics such as celebrities or fashion trends which they’ve heard from others rather than forming their own opinion on any given subject matter. Their conversations tend to lack depth and insight into more meaningful topics such as politics or culture due to a lack of personal knowledge on the topic. In general, you can usually tell if someone is basic just by observing how they carry themselves and interact with other people; do they stand out for being creative and different?

Or do you think all of their ideas come from somewhere else?

How to NOT be BASIC

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This blog post has provided some helpful tips for how to avoid being basic. It’s important to remember that it is ok to be yourself and express your individual style without succumbing to trends or societal pressures. By experimenting with different styles, having a good sense of humor, and keeping up with current events, you can create an interesting and unique look while avoiding the dreaded “basic” label.