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How to Mount Tv to Wall Without Studs

If you want to mount your TV to the wall and there are no studs, you can use toggle bolts. Toggle bolts have a metal wing that opens up behind the drywall, providing a secure hold even without hitting a stud. To install them:

1. Start by drilling holes into the wall where you plan on placing each bolt. Make sure these holes are slightly larger than the diameter of the toggle bolt wings so that they can expand behind the wall. 2. Insert one end of each toggle bolt through your TV’s mounting bracket and then push it through each hole in turn until all four sets of bolts protrude from both sides of the wall.

3. Now open up each set of metal wings, with pliers if necessary, and pull them back against the inside surface of your drywall until they’re flush with its surface – this will help ensure they’ll stay closed when weight is applied later on during installation. 4 Finally, tighten down all four sets of screws (on both sides) to complete installation!

  • Use Drywall Anchors: Drywall anchors are designed to support a variety of objects on drywall without the need for studs
  • To mount your TV to the wall, use an appropriate sized anchor that can hold the weight of your television and attach it with a screwdriver
  • Measure and Mark Location: Measure carefully where you would like to hang the TV and make marks on either side of the spot indicating where screws should go into the wall anchors
  • Insert Wall Anchor Into The Wall: Using a drill or hammer, insert each wall anchor into its marked spot in both sides of where your TV will be mounted until they are flush against the wall surface
  • Attach Bracket To The Wall: Place brackets onto either side of your TV and then firmly attach them using screws into their respective wall anchors until secure
  • 5
  • Hang Your Television On Brackets : Carefully lift up your TV onto its attached brackets making sure not to put too much pressure while doing so, then adjust as needed until centered correctly on both sides before tightening any additional screws if necessary
How to Mount Tv to Wall Without Studs


Can You Hang a Tv Wall Mount Without Studs?

If you’re in the process of mounting a television on your wall and don’t have access to studs, you might be wondering if it’s still possible to hang a TV wall mount without them. The good news is that yes, it is possible! With the right tools and supplies, anyone can successfully mount their TV without having to rely on studs for support.

You will need an anchor kit specifically designed for hanging items on drywall—and with this kit comes two components: anchors and screws. The anchor gets placed into the hole drilled in the wall so that it can hold the weight of your TV securely; then, the screw goes through both pieces (the anchor and drywall) at once so they remain connected while supporting whatever item you are hanging. It may take extra time to ensure proper placement of these pieces but with patience and care, even those without access to studs can get their TVs mounted safely!

Can I Mount a Tv on Drywall?

Yes, you can mount a TV on drywall as long as the weight of the TV is within the recommended limits specified by the manufacturer and that you use appropriate mounting hardware. When it comes to hanging your TV on drywall, there are some important steps to follow for a successful installation. First, identify secure wall studs with an electronic stud finder or knock test in order to support the weight of your television set.

Next, if needed, use toggle bolts or molly bolts (depending on size) instead of standard screws since they’ll provide more support and distribute weight better than standard screws. Finally, make sure all cables are securely attached with cable ties and/or clip-in mounts for optimal safety once everything is installed.

How Do You Hang Heavy Things on a Wall Without Studs?

If you want to hang something heavy on a wall without studs, there are several options available. The first option is to use drywall anchors. This type of anchor can be easily inserted into the wall and will provide enough support for most items up to 50 pounds.

However, if you’re hanging something heavier than that, it’s best to move onto another option such as toggle bolts or molly bolts. Toggle bolts feature two parts; one part fits inside the wall while the other part goes through your item and then attaches back onto the inner piece behind the wall providing extra strength and stability when hung. Molly Bolts also offer great support but require slightly more effort during installation as they need to be drilled in place with a screwdriver or drill before attaching your item securely.

Finally, if all else fails, you could always seek professional help from a contractor who is trained in safely installing heavier objects without studs!

What Happens If I Dont Mount My Tv on Studs?

If you choose not to mount your television on wall studs, there are still some options for hanging it up. You could use a drywall anchor which is usually made of plastic and has an expanding portion that presses against the back side of the drywall when tightened after inserting into any drilled hole. The downside to this method is that they can eventually pull out if too much weight is applied or shifting occurs in the wall over time.

Another option would be to hang your TV using molly bolts which are metal and have a sleeve mechanism that expands as you tighten them, providing more secure hold than just an anchor alone. Keep in mind though, even with these methods you should always check with your local building codes before attempting any type of installation like this yourself.

How to mount TV on wall | NO STUDS

How to Mount Tv to Wall Without Studs Diy

Mounting a TV to the wall without studs is possible with the right tools and materials. All you need are drywall anchors, screws, drill bits, and a level. First, mark where you want your TV mounted on the wall using a pencil.

Then use an electric drill with a masonry bit to create holes for your plastic anchors in the plasterboard or drywall. Insert your plastic anchors into these pre-drilled holes and then secure them tightly by screwing in long wood screws until they are firmly seated against the wall. Finally, attach mounting brackets to either side of your TV and fasten it securely onto the anchored screws in the wall!

How to Mount a Tv on a Plaster Wall Without Studs

Mounting a television on a plaster wall without studs is possible, but it requires the use of additional hardware to ensure the TV stays secure. The best way to mount a TV on a plaster wall without studs is by using toggle anchors and lag screws. Toggle anchors are inserted into holes drilled into the wall and then expanded inside so that they securely support the weight of your television.

Lag screws should then be used with washers and nuts to attach an appropriate mounting bracket for your TV onto the plaster wall. This combination will help keep your TV safe while mounted on a non-studded plaster wall surface.

How to Hang a Tv When You Can T Find a Stud

When hanging a TV on the wall and no studs can be found, consider using an anchor or toggle bolt. Anchors are plastic or metal pieces that provide a secure mount in hollow walls such as drywall. Toggle bolts have two parts: a toggle and machine screw which use wings to expand behind the drywall for added strength.

Make sure to properly measure your TV’s mounting bracket before purchasing either of these items so you know what size you need.

Drywall Anchors for Tv Mount

Drywall anchors are an essential component for securely mounting a television on drywall. The anchors provide extra support to the mount and TV, ensuring that it stays firmly in place without causing any damage to the wall or structure. When installing a TV Mount, always make sure to use drywall anchors for extra security; this will also help prevent your TV from shifting or wobbling once installed.


Mounting a TV to the wall without studs is possible with the right tools and techniques. With an anchor system or drywall anchors, you can mount your TV securely and with confidence that it will stay in place. It’s important to always use mounting brackets that are rated for the size of your television, and take extra care to ensure that everything is level before tightening any screws.

By following these steps, you can easily mount your TV without having to worry about finding a stud!