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How to Login to Uber Without Phone Verification

To login to Uber without phone verification, you can use an alternative method such as two-factor authentication. With two-factor authentication enabled, a user will be required to enter both their username and password as well as a code sent via text message or email in order to access their account. This provides an extra layer of security for the user’s account and ensures that only those who have access to the associated device can gain entry.

Additionally, users may also set up biometric authentication on compatible devices for added security when logging into Uber without having to provide any additional codes or passwords.

  • Step 1: Download the Uber app from your device’s respective mobile store
  • Step 2: Open the Uber app and tap on ‘Sign In’
  • Step 3: Enter your credentials like email address, username or phone number along with password to log in to your account
  • Step 4: If you have already registered for an Uber account earlier, then you will be able to login without having to go through a phone verification process
  • Step 5: You will now see a list of available rides which can be selected by tapping on one of them
  • You are now logged in and ready to use the service!
How to Login to Uber Without Phone Verification


Can I Access My Uber Account Without My Phone?

Yes, you can still access your Uber account without using your phone. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or laptop to log in to the official website of Uber. Once you are logged in, click on “Log In” and fill out the necessary information – email address, password, etc.

After that, it will take you directly to your account page where all the details related to your rides will be there for you to review. You can also book new rides from this page as well as manage existing ones like changing destination or canceling them altogether if needed. This way, even if something happens with your phone such as theft or damage – you won’t have to worry about losing access completely since all of the data stored within Uber is securely backed up online and accessible through their website at anytime!

How Do I Log into Uber If I Change My Phone Number?

If you change your phone number and need to log into Uber, don’t worry – it’s easy! First things first: make sure the new number is linked to your Uber account. To do this, open the app and go to the “Settings” menu.

Under “Personal Information,” select “Edit Phone Number.” Enter your new number and follow any instructions on-screen until it’s updated in your profile. Once that step is complete, you can now use that new number for logging in when prompted (such as after resetting your password).

Keep in mind that if you are using a text message code for login verification, this will be sent to the new phone number associated with your account – so make sure it has been updated correctly before attempting to log in again. And voilà! You should now be able to access all of Uber’s features just like before with no difficulties at all!

How Do I Verify Uber Without a Phone Number?

Verifying your Uber account without a phone number can be tricky, but it’s not impossible! It is possible to verify your account using an email address or other methods. To begin the process, open the Uber app and select “Sign up” from the home screen.

From here you will be asked to enter your email address instead of a phone number when prompted. Once entered, follow all on-screen instructions until you receive an activation code via email. Enter this code into the box provided and that’s it!

Your Uber account should now be verified without needing access to a mobile telephone number. If you have any trouble during this process then don’t hesitate to contact Uber support as they will typically provide help with verifying accounts without requiring a phone number.

Can I Log into Uber With My Email?

Yes, you can log into Uber with your email. To do so, open the Uber app and select ‘Log In’ from the bottom right corner of the home page. Then enter your email address in the top box on the next page and create a password for yourself in the second box provided.

If you already have an existing Uber account associated with this email, simply press ‘Log In’ to access it. If not, then enter your personal details such as name, contact number etc., accept Uber’s Terms & Conditions and tap ‘Sign Up’. Once done, you will be able to use this newly-created account to log into Uber using your email address.

How Do I Recover My Uber Account?

If you are having trouble accessing your Uber account, there are a few steps that can help you get back in. First, if you have forgotten your username or password, try resetting them on the login page of the Uber app. If this doesn’t work, try using Facebook to log into your account with: open the app and select ‘Log in with Facebook’.

Once logged in with Facebook it may automatically remember which user was associated with that email address. You can also locate an old ride receipt containing a verification code from a past trip; enter this code and follow the prompts to create a new password for your account. Finally, if none of these methods work for recovery then contact customer service via the Help Center within the app and provide details about what happened so they can assist you further.

How Do I Reset My Uber Password Without My Phone?

If you’ve forgotten your Uber password and don’t have access to your phone, don’t worry. You can reset the password without a phone. All you need is an email address or mobile number associated with your account.

To change your Uber password, log into the “Forgot Password?” page on their website or app using either method listed above. Then input a new strong and unique password that isn’t used elsewhere online, and make sure it has at least 8 characters including both upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers and special characters like #@!%.

Once done this will reset your Uber account so you can now login again with the new credentials provided. It is also recommended that users regularly change their passwords for increased security in case of possible breaches or misuse of information by third parties which may reveal confidential details about users’ identities or financial transactions made through online services such as Uber’s platform.

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Uber Login With Email

Logging in to your Uber account with an email address is a secure and easy way to access your ridesharing service. All you need is your email address and password, which can be found on the Uber sign-in page. Once you have entered those details, simply click ‘Sign In’ to log into your account.

With this method of login, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the great features that Uber has to offer!

Uber Login

Uber Login is an easy and secure way to access your Uber account. Whether you are a new or existing user, logging in with your email address or mobile number and password provides access to all of the features available on the Uber platform. For added security, two-factor authentication can be enabled for increased protection of your personal information when accessing the app from any device.

Help.Uber.Com Driver

Help.Uber.Com Driver is an online support resource for Uber drivers, providing helpful information on topics ranging from how to sign up and become a driver to managing your account, resolving payment issues, understanding taxes, and more. With detailed FAQs and step-by-step guidance available 24/7, Driver has everything you need to make the most of driving with Uber.

Uber Phone Number

Uber provides a dedicated customer service phone number for riders and drivers to get support. The Uber support phone number is 800-353-8237 (1-800-353-UBER). This line is available 24/7, so you can call anytime for help with your ride or account.


This blog post provided an easy and straightforward guide on how to log into Uber without phone verification. It covered the steps needed to create a new account, log in with a different number, reset your password and access two-factor authentication. With this information, users can easily access their Uber accounts even if they don’t have their phones available or are unable to receive text messages.

This is invaluable for anyone who needs to use Uber but doesn’t have access to a working phone line.