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How to Locate a Package Without a Tracking Number

Unfortunately, if you do not have a tracking number for your package, it can be difficult to locate. Your first step should be to contact the sender and inquire about the status of your shipment. If they cannot provide the tracking information, they may be able to provide other details such as the carrier who is delivering or an estimated delivery date that could help in locating your package.

You can also reach out to any local post offices near where you live and ask them if they have received a package with similar characteristics (size/weight). Additionally, if you are expecting a delivery from Amazon or another large retailer like Walmart or Target, searching through their customer service pages online may give insight into where your shipment is located since their systems track packages electronically by order number. Finally, calling the carrier directly would likely yield more information on how to find out exactly where your package is located without a tracking number.

  • Contact the Sender: The first step in locating a package without a tracking number is to contact the sender and ask them for the information related to your shipment
  • Ask them what carrier they used, when it was shipped, and if they have any other information that could help you track down the package
  • Check with Local Post Office: If you still can’t find your package or get any additional information from the sender, then check with your local post office
  • They may be able to provide more details about where your shipment went and how long it will take until it arrives at its destination
  • Search Online Resources : You may also want to search online resources such as PackageTrackr or TrackMyShipment for more detailed tracking info on your missing item if available
  • These sites often offer real-time updates on packages so you can see where it is currently located and when it should arrive at its final destination (if applicable)
How to Locate a Package Without a Tracking Number


Can I Track a Package With My Address?

Yes, you can track a package with your address. The shipping company that is delivering the package will usually have an online tracking system in place which will enable you to follow the progress of your shipment from start to finish. All you need is your address and any additional information such as a tracking number or delivery confirmation number that may have been provided when the order was placed.

Depending on the kind of service being used, this process could be quite simple or complex. In most cases, however, all it takes is entering some basic information into the website or app associated with the shipping company in question and then waiting for updates regarding where your package currently stands in its journey towards you.

Can You Track Lost Package Without Tracking Number?

It’s possible to track a lost package without a tracking number, although it might be difficult. If you have an account with the courier company that delivered your item, they may be able to help you locate it. This is especially true for companies such as FedEx or UPS which offer comprehensive tracking services.

You can also check with local post offices and customs offices in case the package has been delayed due to international shipping regulations. Additionally, there are third-party tracking services available online which allow you to search for your missing item using either the sender’s name or address information. Finally, if all else fails contact customer service at the shipper’s website directly and provide them with any relevant details about what was shipped so they can assist in locating your item.

Can I Track a Fedex Package With Just My Address?

Yes, you can track a FedEx package with just your address. Through the FedEx tracking page, you can enter in your address and receive detailed shipping information about any packages sent to or from that location. This includes arrival and departure times, current location of the package in transit, estimated delivery dates and times, as well as details on all previous stops along its journey.

Additionally, if the sender has provided an email address or phone number when they shipped the item out then FedEx will be able to send notifications of status changes directly to them as well.

Track USPS Packages without a tracking number!

Find Package Without Tracking Number, Ups

If you need to find a package sent via UPS but don’t have the tracking number, it is still possible to locate your parcel. Visit the UPS official website and scroll down to ‘Track by Reference.’ Enter in the reference information provided by the sender of your package (such as an invoice or order number) and submit it.

If available, you should be able to view detailed tracking information about your package on this page.

Usps Tracking

The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides customers with tracking information for their packages. This service allows customers to track their package from the time it is shipped until its delivery, including any stops in between. Customers can access the USPS’s online tracking system or call customer service to obtain detailed updates on a package’s whereabouts.

Find Package Without Tracking Number Usps

If you’ve misplaced your USPS tracking number, there are still ways to locate your package. You can track the shipment using the sender’s address and postal code or search for it on the USPS website by entering in any relevant information, such as keywords related to what was shipped. If all else fails, contact your local post office directly and provide them with details about the package so they can help you find it.

Find Usps Tracking Number by Address

If you are looking to find a USPS Tracking Number by Address, it is possible to do so through the official website of the United States Postal Service. Simply enter your address into their tracking page and they will provide you with all of the associated tracking numbers for any packages sent to that address. This can be very useful if you are trying to keep track of when a package may arrive or if one has been shipped out recently.


Overall, it is important to remember that locating a package without a tracking number can be difficult but not impossible. With the right resources and knowledge, you can easily find your lost package. You should try all of the tips provided in this blog post before giving up on finding your missing item; gathering as much information about the shipment as possible is key to success.

Ultimately, with patience and perseverance you will have better luck locating a package without a tracking number.