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How to Get Free Data on Mtn Without Recharging

In order to get free data on MTN without recharging, users need to take advantage of the various promotional offers that the network provider has made available. One such offer is called ‘MTN Data Bonus’ wherein customers can receive up to 200MB or 500MB of free data when they recharge with certain amounts. Customers who have an active subscription for a period of 3 months or more may also be eligible for additional 1GB bonus data from time to time.

Other options include taking part in competitions and surveys conducted by MTN, which may reward participants with free airtime and/or data bundles as prizes. Finally, users could also keep track of any special promotions that MTN runs through its website or social media channels from time-to-time, which usually provide discounts on their services including free data offers.

  • Visit the MTN website and create an account: Go to the official website of MTN and click on ‘Sign Up’ to create your account
  • Provide all required information such as name, date of birth, address etc
  • Confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent to you in your inbox after submitting the registration form
  • Download MyMTN App: After creating an account, download and install MyMTN app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store based on your device operating system
  • This will help you manage all aspects of your MTN service easily from one place without having to call customer care for assistance
  • Activate various services: Once you have successfully downloaded and installed MyMTN app it’s time for you to activate different services that are available with this app such as data bundles , sms bundles, voice bundles etc
  • , which can be used without recharging as well so that you can get free data
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  • Participate in promotional offers : Look out for promotional offers provided by MTN where they offer free packages or discounts during special occasions like festivals etc
  • , You can take advantage these offers if available at that particular point in time so that You don’t have pay anything while availing those benefits or packages offered by them
How to Get Free Data on Mtn Without Recharging


How Do I Claim Mtn Free Data?

Claiming free data from MTN is easy. All you need to do is dial *131# and follow the prompt messages to access the ‘Free Data’ menu.

How Can I Get Mtn 20Gb Free?

Getting 20GB of free data from MTN is an attractive proposition, especially if you’re a heavy user of the internet or are looking to save money. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can get your hands on this generous amount of data without having to pay for it. One way is to take advantage of promotional offers which may be available in certain areas.

For instance, MTN has been known to offer double data promotions giving customers up to 20GB worth of free data when they sign up for a new contract or upgrade their existing one. Alternatively, if you don’t want to commit long-term then there are also short-term promotions such as competitions and giveaways which can give away large amounts of free data as prizes. Finally, another option could be signing up for online surveys and rewards programs where you can earn points that can eventually be exchanged for free data bundles from MTN.

Whichever route you decide to take just make sure that any deals offered are legitimate before committing yourself!

How to Get 1Gb Free Data on Mtn?

If you’re an MTN customer, there’s a simple way to get 1GB of free data. All you have to do is dial the code *131*1# and follow the instructions that appear on your screen. You’ll receive 1GB of free data which will be valid for 30 days from activation – so make sure you use it before then!

There are some important things to keep in mind when using this service. First, you can only access the free data once every month, so if your account has already been credited with 1GB or more in a given month, no additional credit will be applied. Secondly, this offer does not apply to prepaid customers who subscribe to any other tariff plan or bundles (such as Talk More).

Finally, note that while all MTN customers are eligible for the 1GB offer itself; only selected customers may qualify for additional rewards associated with it such as airtime and SMS bonuses. So keep checking back each month just in case something new pops up!

How Can I Be Eligible for Mtn * 131 * 65?

In order to be eligible for MTN * 131 * 65, you must first be an active MTN subscriber. You must also have a valid and verified National ID card or passport number registered with the network provider. Once you have these two requirements fulfilled, then you can dial *131*65# on your mobile device to activate the service.

After entering your personal details and confirming it via OTP (One Time Password), your account will be created in no time! Furthermore, once signed up, all that is left for you do is select the amount of airtime or data value that best suits your needs from the available options provided by MTN. With this simple procedure completed quickly, there’s nothing stopping you from making use of this great offer from MTN now!

Secret MTN USSD Code to Enjoy Almost Unlimited Data

Mtn Data Cheat

Mtn Data Cheat is a great way to get free mobile data from MTN Nigeria. It provides users with access to unlimited internet data, allowing them to browse the web and stream audio and video content without worrying about exceeding their monthly data limit. The service also offers bonus features such as discounts on airtime, free SMS messages and more.

If you’re looking for ways to save money while staying connected, Mtn Data Cheat is an excellent option!

Mtn Free Airtime Codes

Mtn Free Airtime Codes are codes that allow customers of MTN to receive free airtime on their mobile phones. These codes can be found online and are typically used in conjunction with specific promotions or offers from the company. The use of these codes is a great way for customers to save money when it comes to staying connected!

Mtn 100Gb Free Data

Mtn is offering a great deal for their customers: 100Gb of free data when you subscribe to the Mtn pulse tariff plan. This offer gives you access to unlimited music streaming, video streaming, social media and more; so no matter what your interests are, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with this offer you also get an additional 20GB bonus after recharging ₦500 or more within 7 days from activation.

So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – sign up today and start exploring all that Mtn has to offer!

Mtn Free Data App

The MTN Free Data App is an innovative way for users to access free data on their mobile phones. With the app, users can enjoy up to 200MB of free data every month by simply downloading and activating it. The data can be used to browse websites, access social media sites and more.

It’s a great way for people in developing countries with limited internet access to stay connected with friends, family and the world around them!


This blog post has provided some great advice on how to get free data on Mtn without recharging. With the right knowledge and a few simple steps, users can access free internet data while bypassing any need to spend money on expensive plans. This is an ideal solution for those looking to save costs, yet still enjoy the benefits of having access to the internet.

By taking advantage of these methods, users can take control of their finances and experience all that Mtn has to offer without spending extra money.