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How to Gain Admission into Unilag Without Jamb

In order to gain admission into the University of Lagos (Unilag) without sitting for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Exams (JAMB), applicants must first ensure they meet the eligibility criteria set by Unilag. This includes having a minimum of five credits in relevant subjects including English Language at not more than two sittings in their WAEC or NECO exams. Applicants should then proceed to visit the university’s website and register for Direct Entry Screening Exercise using their personal credentials such as National Identification Number, Registration Numbers and other required information.

After completing this registration process, applicants are expected to print out their screening forms which will be used during physical verification at the school premises on specified dates. Finally, upon successful completion of all required documents such as birth certificate, educational certificates etc., applicants may proceed with writing Post UTME tests followed by an interview session with the School Admission Committee if necessary before gaining admission into Unilag without JAMB.

  • Visit the University of Lagos website: The first step in gaining admission without JAMB is to visit the University of Lagos (Unilag) website for information on how to apply
  • On the homepage, you will find a link that reads “Admission Without JAMB” which will take you to their application page
  • Submit your Application Form and Necessary Documents: After visiting Unilag’s website, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button at the bottom of the page and fill out all required fields with accurate information before submitting your application form along with other necessary documents such as certificates or transcripts from previously attended schools/institutions, birth certificate etc
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  • Attend Interviews and Written Tests: Once your application has been submitted successfully, you may be invited for an interview and written tests depending on what type of course you are applying for at Unilag
  • During this period, it is important that you prepare adequately by studying past questions related to your field of study so as not too underperform during these tests and interviews
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  • Await Offer Letter : After attending both tests/interviews successfully , it is now time to wait for a notification letter from Unilag informing about your admission status into one of its courses through direct entry(without UTME)
  • This letter should contain details regarding tuition fees payment procedure after which successful students can then proceed further into processing their Matriculation numbers (for new students) or Course Registration(For returning Students)
How to Gain Admission into Unilag Without Jamb


Can I Do Direct Entry to Unilag?

Yes, you can do direct entry to UNILAG. Direct entry admission is a process by which students who already possess a higher national diploma or other equivalent qualifications are admitted directly into the 200 level of any course in their choice of study. It gives an advantage to study more quickly and at a lower cost than if one had started from 100 level; it also helps those with relevant experience gain university-level education without having to start all over again from scratch.

To apply for direct entry admission into UNILAG, interested candidates must have five credit passes in the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or General Certificate Examinations (GCE). In addition to these Credit passes, applicants must also possess either National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND) and/or any other equivalent qualification obtained from accredited institutions approved by the school Senate. Candidates may be required to sit for certain screening tests depending on their field of interest as well as meet up with some basic requirements stated by the University authorities before they can be considered successful applicants after completing their online application form and paying necessary fees.

What are the Requirements to Gain Admission into Unilag?

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) is one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria and gaining admission into it can be a difficult process. To gain admission into UNILAG, prospective students must meet certain criteria. The first requirement is that all applicants must have credit passes in five (5) relevant O’level subjects obtained at not more than two sittings in accordance with the approved entry requirements for Nigerian Universities.

These include English Language, Mathematics, Literature-in-English or any other language accepted by JAMB as well as three other elective courses related to the applicant’s field of study. Additionally, applicants must also have a minimum score from UTME such that they are eligible for consideration for their desired program of study at UNILAG; different departments may require different scores based on various factors such as departmental cut off marks and course popularity among others. Furthermore if you have applied before but were unsuccessful you will need to make payment for another application form otherwise your previous details cannot be used again even if it was within the same year.

How to Process Direct Entry to Unilag?

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) offers an exciting opportunity to prospective students who seek direct entry admission into the university. Direct entry applicants are those that have already obtained a Higher National Diploma (HND), National or Professional Certificates, and other recognized qualifications approved by UNILAG for direct entry admissions. The process for applying for admission through this route is relatively straightforward.

Firstly, you must purchase the required PIN from any designated bank nationwide and log-on to the JAMB website to make your payment with your purchased PIN; then proceed to print out the Direct Entry form which should be filled in triplicate copies. You will also need two passport photographs attached on each copy of the form before submission at any of the accredited CBT centres across Nigeria including UNILAG’s Campus ICT Centre upon completion of registration. After successful submission, you can check if you were successfully admitted by logging onto JAMB’s e-facility portal using your valid email address and password created during registration where your results will be displayed after processing by JAMB officials.

If successful, proceed to pay acceptance fees online via Remita platform or at any designated banks nationwide before visiting UNILAG Admissions office located within Akoka campus with all relevant documents such as UTME/Direct Entry result slip, O’level Certificate(s), Birth Certificate/Age Declaration etc., photocopies & originals along with evidence of online payment receipt —if applicable—to complete necessary procedures towards becoming a bonafide student in Unilag!

Which University in Nigeria Can I Enter Without Jamb?

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in Africa, and consequently has a large number of universities. While many people may not realize it, there are actually several universities in Nigeria that do not require applicants to take the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam before they can be admitted. These include Covenant University and African University of Science & Technology; both are private institutions located in Abuja.

The Redeemer’s University is another university where you don’t need JAMB; it’s an evangelical Christian institution based in Ogun State. In addition, Al-Hikmah University, owned by the Dawah Group of Nigeria, also does not require JAMB for admission into its undergraduate program. All four universities offer excellent educational opportunities to those who wish to study without taking the JAMB examination – so if you’re seeking higher education but don’t want to take JAMB, these are some great options!

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How to Gain Admission in Unilag

Gaining admission into the University of Lagos (Unilag) is a highly competitive process that requires you to meet certain academic requirements. The admissions board looks at your overall performance in Secondary School Certificate Examinations, as well as any other official examination results you may have obtained. It also considers your extracurricular activities, leadership roles and volunteer experiences.

Additionally, it’s important to apply early and submit all necessary documents on time for the best chance of acceptance.

Unilag Direct Entry Cut off Mark

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) Direct Entry Cut-off Mark for 2020/2021 is 180. This means that applicants must have a minimum JAMB score of 180 to qualify for admission into the university through direct entry. However, some courses may require higher cut off marks and it is advisable to check the departmental cut off mark before applying.


In conclusion, gaining admission into Unilag without Jamb is possible, but it requires dedication and hard work. It may not be easy to complete the requirements for direct entry or Foundation Programmes admission within a short time frame; however, with proper planning and guidance from an educational expert or university administrator, you can make it happen. Taking advantage of alternative routes to gain admission into higher institutions such as Unilag can open up more opportunities for those who are unable to apply through conventional means.