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How to Gain Admission into Lasu Without Jamb

Admission into Lagos State University (LASU) without JAMB is possible. To gain admission, the interested candidate must meet the requirements of Direct Entry admission criteria. The applicant must possess either a National Diploma (ND) certificate from any institution recognized by LASU or a Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate from any Polytechnic/College of Technology in Nigeria with at least Lower Credit.

The applicant will also be required to have NCE or other approved qualifications and an acceptable UTME score depending on their course choice. Additionally, they may submit additional documents such as certificates for awards won during previous academic years, transcripts of courses taken abroad if applicable and letters of recommendation from two referees who are knowledgeable about their capabilities and achievements in academics and extra curricular activities. Upon meeting all these requirements, applicants can apply through the school’s website to start their journey towards gaining admission into LASU without JAMB exam.

  • Step 1: Contact the admissions office of Lagos State University (LASU) to inquire about admission requirements
  • Ask specific questions regarding gaining admission without JAMB; they will be able to provide you with information on any alternative pathways available
  • Step 2: Gather all necessary documents needed for the application process such as educational certificates, birth certificate and a valid form of identification
  • If you are applying for an undergraduate program, you may also need letters of recommendation from previous academic institutions or employers
  • Step 3: Submit your completed application and supporting documentation to the LASU admissions office either in-person or online via their website
  • You should receive confirmation that your application was received within two weeks after submitting it
  • Step 4: Attend the required interviews and exams scheduled by LASU’s admissions board if applicable according to what kind of alternative pathway you applied through instead of JAMB score requirement
  • This can include aptitude tests, group discussions or other assessments deemed necessary by LASU in order to determine whether applicants are suitable for admission into their university without taking JAMB exam scores into account
  • Step 5 : Receive notification from the LASU Admissions Office regarding acceptance status once all examinations have been successfully completed and evaluated by faculty members at Lagos State University
How to Gain Admission into Lasu Without Jamb


Can I Enter Lasu Without Jamb?

No, you cannot enter Lagos State University (LASU) without JAMB. LASU is a public university in Nigeria and admission into the institution is regulated by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). All prospective students must first register for UTME/DE through JAMB before they can be considered for admission into any Nigerian tertiary institutions including LASU.

Additionally, applicants are required to possess a minimum of 5 credits at not more than two sittings in relevant O’Level subjects which must include English Language and Mathematics. Without meeting these requirements, it would be impossible to gain access into the school as there are no other means available for entry.

How Can I Get Direct Entry into Lasu?

Getting direct entry into Lagos State University (LASU) requires a few steps. First, you must have completed senior secondary school and obtained your West African Examination Council Certificate. Along with that certificate, you should also possess five credits in the relevant subjects which include English Language and Mathematics as well as three other related courses such as Economics, History or Geography.

You must then register for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) conducted by Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). You will be required to select LASU as your first choice institution during registration. Once registered candidates are expected to score at least 180 or above on the JAMB examination.

This is necessary to gain admission into any Nigerian university including LASU through UTME/Direct Entry modes of admission. Apart from UTME/DE mode of admission, there is another option available which allows one to get direct entry into LASU without having to sit for JAMB exams; this is called Direct Entry Admission Scheme (DEA). To qualify for DEA applicants must possess an OND or HND certificate or equivalent qualifications from accredited institutions approved by National Universities Commission (NUC).

One can also apply if they possess ‘A’ Level Certificates such as IGSCE, Cambridge GCE Advanced Levels etc., along with their ordinary level certificates like WAEC / NECO results .

Can I Enter Lasu With 180?

Yes, you can enter the Lagos State University (LASU) with 180. The school’s cut off mark is currently set at 180 and so long as your score falls within this range or higher, you are eligible to apply for admission into LASU. However, it is important to note that admission into LASU isn’t guaranteed even if you have a 180 score as there are other criteria such as O’level results and UTME performance that are used in selecting applicants for admission into the university.

So it is important to ensure all these criteria are met before applying for admission.

Has Lasu Started Giving Admission 2023?

No, Lagos State University (LASU) has not yet started giving admissions for the 2023 session. The admission process will begin once new applications are open and available for prospective students to apply. For now, LASU is still preparing for the upcoming academic year by making necessary changes in its administrative policies and making sure all of its departments fulfil their respective roles so that a smooth transition from one semester to another can be ensured.

Prospective applicants should keep an eye on official announcements regarding the commencement of admissions so they do not miss out on any important information or deadlines related to applying at LASU. Additionally, they should also familiarize themselves with all requirements before submitting an application as well as make sure they meet them in order to increase their chances of being admitted into the university.

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Does Lasu Accept Non Indigene

Yes, Lagos State University (LASU) accepts non-indigenes. The university has a special category of admission open to qualified applicants who are not indigenes of the state. Non-indigene students will have to meet the same academic requirements as other prospective students and pay additional fees for tuition and accommodation.

All applications are processed on merit regardless of origin or background.

Less Competitive Courses in Lasu

The University of Lagos (LASU) offers a variety of courses that are less competitive compared to the more popular ones. These can be great options for students looking to get into university without having a large number of applicants competing for limited spots. Some examples include English, Psychology and Religion & Philosophy.

These courses offer an excellent opportunity for those seeking admission since they have fewer applicants applying for them, thus reducing competition and increasing chances of getting in.

Jamb Portal

The Jamb Portal is an online resource created by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board to help students apply for university admission in Nigeria. It provides a range of services, such as registration, payment of fees, printing of exam slips, checking results, and more. Students can also use it to locate their closest examination centers and download past question papers.

The portal is accessible both on computer systems and mobile devices with internet connection.

Lasu School Fees

The Lagos State University (LASU) school fees for the 2020/2021 academic session has been released by the management. Indigenes of Lagos State are to pay a sum of N25,000 while non-indigenes are to pay a sum of N50,000 as tuition fee. In addition to this, students will also be expected to pay other mandatory charges such as acceptance fee, medical and library fees among others.


In conclusion, it is possible to gain admission into the Lagos State University without taking JAMB. The process requires dedicated effort and a good understanding of the requirements for Direct Entry admission. With proper research and hard work, you can successfully be admitted into Lasu without having to sit for JAMB.