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How to Straighten Your Bent Garage Door Track: DIY Solutions

To fix a bent garage door track, you will need to carefully straighten it and replace any damaged sections. Garage doors are a crucial aspect of a home, providing security and protection for vehicles, tools, and other valuables.

However, over time, garage doors may develop issues such as bent tracks, which can render them inoperable. Bent tracks can cause significant disruptions and pose safety hazards if not resolved immediately. If your garage door track is bent, it is essential to act fast and fix the issue before it becomes more severe.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix a bent garage door track and the steps you can take to ensure it stays in good condition for years to come.

How to Straighten Your Bent Garage Door Track: DIY Solutions


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Understanding The Garage Door Track And Common Causes Of Bending

Garage doors are a crucial element in our homes and businesses. They protect our valuable assets while providing convenience and security. However, as time goes by, garage door tracks may become misaligned or bent, making it difficult for the door to open or close correctly.

Understanding the garage door track and common causes of bending is vital to finding a diy solution that works. We will discuss how to straighten your bent garage door track and explore the key points regarding the garage door track.

What Is A Garage Door Track?

A garage door track is the metal tracking that sits on either side of the garage door opening. The track guides the garage door up and down as it opens and closes. It is made up of vertical and horizontal segments and is installed at the door’s opening’s high points and low points.

The vertical track ensures that the door opens upward and straight, while the horizontal track supports the door’s weight and prevents it from swaying when in motion.

Common Causes Of Garage Door Track Bending

Several reasons, such as an accident, normal wear and tear, or environmental factors, could cause the garage door track to bend. Below are the possible causes of garage door track bending:

  • Accidental impact: The most common cause of bending is a collision with the door by an object, such as a car, bike, or lawnmower. Such impact could knock the vertical and horizontal tracks out of alignment.
  • Dirty tracks: When dirt, debris or any other foreign objects get trapped in the tracks over time, it can interfere with their functionality and eventually pull them out of shape.
  • Normal wear and tear: Regular use of your garage door can cause its components to deteriorate over time, including the tracks.
  • Environmental effects: Changes in temperature due to weather extremes may cause the metal garage door track to contract or expand, leading to bending.

By understanding the potential causes of garage door track bending, you can take steps to avoid them and keep your garage door functioning properly. Monitoring the tracks of your garage door regularly for signs of damage or wear and tear can help avoid costly repairs and keep your garage door running smoothly for years to come.

Tools And Materials Required For Straightening Your Bent Garage Door Track

How To Straighten Your Bent Garage Door Track: Diy Solutions

Straightening your bent garage door track can be overwhelming if you’re not handy with tools. But don’t worry! This blog post will guide you through the entire process. Below, you’ll find a list of the essential tools and materials you’ll need to straighten your bent garage door track safely.

Safety Gear

Before starting the repair process, you need to ensure your safety. Here are some safety gears that you’ll need before straightening your bent garage door track:

  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves
  • Closed-toe shoes

Measuring Tape

The measuring tape is a crucial tool that helps you identify the extent of damage to the track. Measure the length and height of the track to determine what type of repair you need.


You’ll need an adjustable wrench to tighten or loosen the bolts and nuts that hold the garage door track.


Pliers are useful for holding the track steady while you work on it. You’ll also need pliers to bend the track straight if it’s only slightly bent.


A hacksaw is necessary if the bent section needs to be cut and replaced. Make sure to purchase the right-sized blade for your track.

Steel Repair Bracket

A steel repair bracket offers extra support to the damaged section of the track. It prevents the track from bending again in the future. The bracket should fit the size of your track.

Steel Replacements

If the damage is severe, you’ll need to replace the bent track section entirely. The replacement must match the old track’s dimensions and gauge, so it fits perfectly with the other track sections.

Having the right tools and materials can make straightening your bent garage door track a lot easier. Safety gears should be at the top of your list before starting the repair work. You’ll need a measuring tape to determine the extent of the damage, a wrench for tightening bolts, pliers for steadying the track, and a hacksaw and steel repair brackets or steel replacements if the damage is severe.

Following these simple steps can save you time and money, and ensure your garage door operates smoothly.

Steps To Straightening Your Bent Garage Door Track: Diy Solutions

Garage door tracks can bend out of shape over time due to wear and tear or accidental damage. Bent tracks affect your garage door’s functionality, making it unsafe to use. Therefore, it is necessary to fix bent tracks and prevent serious injury.

Fortunately, you can straighten bent garage door tracks yourself with a few diy solutions. We will provide key steps to straighten your bent garage door track.

Step 1: Identify The Nature And Severity Of The Bend

Before you begin to straighten your bent garage door track, it is essential to identify the severity of the bend. Inspect both tracks to determine whether they are damaged, and if they are, decide if they need to be fixed or replaced.

If you notice a significant bend or a complete break, it’s time to replace the track.

Step 2: Close The Garage Door And Disconnect The Opener

Your safety is paramount while fixing your garage door. Start the process by closing the garage door and disconnecting the power supply to the opener. This ensures that you have control over the door throughout the repair process.

Step 3: Loosen Bolts And Bearings

The next step is to loosen the bolts and bearings that hold the track to the wall. Loosen but do not remove these items. It will make it easy for you to adjust the track’s position.

Step 4: Measuring Section Misalignment

Identifying the misaligned section(s) of your garage door track is crucial to straightening it. Measure each individual section of the track to determine how far it is off the correct position. This will help you know precisely in which section the bend exists and then implement the necessary measures to address it.

Step 5: Straighten The Misaligned Tracks

To straighten the misaligned track, use a pair of pliers or a hammer to push or tap the sections gently. Do this until the track returns to its original position, and the garage door can roll smoothly against it. After straightening the track, you can tighten the bolts and bearings again.

Step 6: Replace Damaged Brackets And/Or Track Sections

If the track has any damaged brackets or is beyond repair, now is the time to replace them. The easiest way to replace these components is to identify parts that are not in good order and detach them first. After that, fix new ones from scratch and tighten the bolts and bearings to keep the track secure.

Step 7: Test Your Garage Door

Once you’ve finished the repair process, test your garage door. Ensure that it is running correctly along the straightened track and that the opener and safety features are functioning. Opening and closing the garage door a few times can help to verify that everything works optimally.

You can easily straighten your bent garage door track by following these simple diy repair steps. Just be sure to take precautions and carefully follow the instructions provided in this guide. By doing so, you’ll restore your garage door to a safe and functional state.

Additional Garage Door Maintenance Tips To Help Prevent Future Bends

Maintaining a garage door is not a one-time task. Regular upkeep is essential to keep your garage door in good condition and avoid future problems. Here are some additional garage door maintenance tips that can help prevent future bends to your garage door track:

Lubrication And Regular Cleaning

  • Lubricate all moving parts of your garage door, including hinges, rollers, track, and springs. Regular lubrication can help prevent wear and tear and reduce friction, easing the garage door’s operation and extending its lifespan.
  • To lubricate, use a silicone or lithium-based spray lubricant. Avoid using wd-40 as it can gum up the tracks and attract debris, causing further issues.
  • Regularly clean your garage door track and remove debris from it. Built-up debris can obstruct the garage door’s movement and cause it to go off track.

Replacing Worn-Out Rollers

  • Rollers are the wheels that help guide your garage door along the track. Over time, rollers can become worn or damaged, which can cause the garage door to shake and bounce, potentially bending the track.
  • Inspect the rollers for wear and tear or damage. Replace rollers that show signs of wear or damage as soon as possible.
  • Use nylon rollers instead of metal rollers for a quieter operation and smoother movement.

Assessing Track Alignment And Realignment

  • As mentioned earlier, even a slight bend in the track can cause the garage door to go off track and bend the track further.
  • Check the track alignment regularly and assess whether the track is level and the vertical track sections are plumb. Use a level to check the track alignment.
  • If the track seems to be misaligned, loosen the mounting brackets, adjust the track, and tighten the brackets again.

Regular Inspection Of Garage Door Hardware

  • Regularly inspect all the hardware of your garage door, including hinges, springs, cables, and screws. Look for any signs of wear and tear, looseness, or damage.
  • Tighten any loose screws or bolts, and replace any worn-out or damaged parts as soon as you identify them.
  • If you’re unsure about anything, it’s best to contact a professional garage door repair technician to carry out any repairs or replacements.

By following these additional garage door maintenance tips, you can prolong the life of your garage door and avoid any further damage or bends to the garage door track. Remember, regular upkeep is key to keeping your garage door in good working order.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Fix Bent Garage Door Track

How Can I Tell If My Garage Door Track Is Bent?

If your garage door screeches loudly or wobbles when opening or closing, the track may be bent. Look for visible dents or bumps in the metal track.

Can I Fix A Bent Garage Door Track Myself?

It is not recommended to fix a bent garage door track yourself because it requires specialized knowledge and tools. To prevent further damage, contact a professional garage door repair company.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair A Bent Garage Door Track?

The cost to repair a bent garage door track varies depending on the severity of the damage and the type of track. On average, expect to pay between $100-$300 for professional repairs.

Will A Bent Garage Door Track Cause Further Damage To My Door?

Yes, a bent garage door track can cause further damage to your door over time if left unrepaired. Continuing to operate your garage door with a damaged track could cause it to come off the track completely and damage the door panels.

How Long Will It Take To Fix A Bent Garage Door Track?

The time it takes to fix a bent garage door track depends on the extent of the damage. For minor repairs, it may only take a few hours. More extensive repairs could take a full day or more.

Can A Professional Repair A Bent Garage Door Track The Same Day?

In most cases, a professional garage door repair company can repair a bent garage door track the same day. However, this depends on the availability of parts and the extent of the damage.


Fixing a bent garage door track may seem like a daunting task, but it’s definitely doable. Start by identifying the type of track system you have and get the necessary tools and replacement parts. Carefully remove the damaged track and replace it with a new one, making sure to properly align and secure it.

Regularly inspect and maintain your garage door track to prevent future damage and ensure smooth door operation. Remember to prioritize safety and seek professional help if the task seems too difficult. With these steps, you can quickly and easily fix your bent garage door track and avoid costly repairs down the line.