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How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Apple Id Password

To factory reset an iPhone without Apple ID password, you will need to put your device into Recovery Mode. To do this, turn off the phone and press and hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Once in Recovery Mode, connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and open iTunes.

When prompted by iTunes, select “Restore” from the options menu to begin erasing all content from your device. Once it is finished restoring, you can disconnect the phone from your computer. The iPhone has now been successfully restored to its original state without requiring an Apple ID password.

  • 1) On your iPhone, go to the “Settings” app and select “General”
  • 2) Scroll down and select “Reset”
  • 3) Select “Erase All Content and Settings”
  • This will erase all of your data from your device as well as any passwords you have set up for applications or other services on your phone
  • 4) Enter a new password that you would like to use for the reset process when prompted
  • This will be the new Apple ID Password that you will use going forward with this device after it has been factory resetted
  • 5) Confirm the reset process by entering in your chosen password again when prompted and then wait for the iPhone to finish erasing its content before it restarts itself with factory settings enabled
How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Apple Id Password


How Do I Force My Iphone to Factory Reset?

If you’re looking to force your iPhone to factory reset, the process is relatively straightforward. To begin with, make sure your device is backed up and all important data has been saved. Once that’s done, navigate to Settings > General > Reset and select “Erase All Content and Settings”.

This will initiate a full restore of your device back to its original settings when it was first purchased. Be aware that this process will erase everything from the phone including any installed apps, music or photos stored on the device so be sure you’ve backed everything up before beginning. Once initiated, the reset cannot be canceled or reversed as it completely erases all data from the phone so caution should be taken prior to starting this procedure.

After completion of a successful factory reset, you’ll need to go through some basic setup steps such as selecting language preferences and connecting WiFi in order for your device to function correctly again. That’s all there is too it!

How Do I Factory Reset My Iphone With Just the Buttons?

If you need to reset your iPhone back to its factory settings, but don’t have access to iTunes or a computer, all is not lost. You can still do it with just the buttons on the device. To begin, hold down both the sleep/wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see an Apple logo appear on screen.

This should take around 10 seconds or so. Once that appears, release both buttons and let your device restart itself – this usually takes about 30 seconds as well. When it’s done rebooting you’ll be presented with a slider which reads “slide to power off”.

Slide that towards the right side of your display and wait for another few moments while your phone powers down completely. Now press-and-hold those two keys again (sleep/wake + home) until you see an image of a charging cable pointing towards an iTunes icon appear onscreen – this will indicate you’re now in recovery mode within iOS 9 or later versions of iOS 8 software. From there select ‘Restore’ from the options available and allow for several minutes as your device erases everything stored locally and restores itself back to its original factory settings again ready for use once more!

How to Erase iPhone without Apple ID Password If Forgot

How to Reset Iphone Without Apple Id Password Or Computer

Resetting an iPhone without the Apple ID password or computer is possible if you have another device with the ‘Find My’ app installed. To reset your iPhone, open the ‘Find My’ app on your other device and select your iPhone from the list of devices. Then tap ‘Actions’ and select Erase This Device to remotely wipe it clean.

Once complete, set up your phone as a new device by following the on-screen instructions.

How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Apple Id Password for Free

If you need to factory reset your iPhone without knowing the Apple ID password, there are a few methods you can use. One of the most straightforward methods is to use iTunes on a computer. You’ll need access to another Apple device with the same Apple ID as your iPhone in order to do this, but it’s free and fairly easy.

To get started, connect both devices and open iTunes; then click on the Summary tab for your iPhone and press Restore Device. This will erase all content from your phone, allowing you to set up a new account or create one with an existing email address if desired.

How to Factory Reset Iphone 6 Without Apple Id Password Or Itunes

If you need to factory reset an iPhone 6 without having the Apple ID password or access to iTunes, it’s still possible. To do this, simply press and hold down both the Home button (the circular button at the bottom of your phone) and the Sleep/Wake button (the power on/off switch located on the right side of your phone) until you see a black screen with a white Apple logo appear. Once that appears, let go of both buttons and wait for your device to reset itself.

After it has done so, you will be able to set up a new device as if it were brand new!

How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Apple Id Password Without Computer

If you need to factory reset your iPhone without an Apple ID password or computer, there are still multiple ways to do it. One way is by using the Find My app on a different device. All you need to do is open the app and select the “All Devices” tab at the top of the screen.

Select your iPhone from the list and tap “Erase This Device” at the bottom of its page. You will then be asked if you want to erase all content and settings — confirm this choice in order to factory reset your iPhone without needing an Apple ID or computer.


This blog post provided a step-by-step guide on how to factory reset an iPhone without an Apple ID password. It is important to note that this process erases all data and settings from the device, so it should only be used as a last resort if other options have failed. After following these instructions, users can now successfully factory reset their iPhones without needing an Apple ID password.