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How to Factory Reset Iphone 6 Without Password

To factory reset an iPhone 6 without a password, first turn off the phone. After it has been turned off, press and hold down the Home button on the front of the device while connecting it to a computer or laptop with iTunes installed. Once iTunes recognizes that a device is connected, it will prompt you to either restore or update your phone.

Choose Restore and allow iTunes to erase all content from your device. When finished, your iPhone will be completely reset back to its original settings without needing any passwords.

  • Connect your iPhone 6 to a power source and make sure it is charged to at least 50%
  • Press and hold the Home button (the circular button below the display) along with the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the device) until you see an Apple logo appears on screen
  • When prompted, release both buttons and let your device restart
  • Once your device has rebooted, you will be presented with a “Hello” language selection page; select preferred language by tapping its corresponding icon or flag symbol then tap Next in bottom right corner of the screen for further instructions
  • On next page choose option “Erase All Content and Settings” from given options list which will erase all data stored on iPhone including passcode if any set up earlier while setting up a new device
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  • You may need to enter passcode once again before confirming reset process , otherwise simply press “Erase iPhone” option in red color located at lower right corner of screen to confirm factory reset operation without password requirement
How to Factory Reset Iphone 6 Without Password


Can You Factory Reset an Iphone 6 Without Passcode?

Factory resetting an iPhone 6 without a passcode is possible, but it depends on the age of your device and whether or not you have previously backed up your data. If you purchased your iPhone 6 after September 2014, then chances are that Find My iPhone has been enabled by default. This means that if you try to factory reset the device without entering in the correct passcode, it will be locked and wiped remotely by Apple with all of your data lost.

However, if Find My iPhone was not enabled prior to trying to factory reset the phone, then yes – it is possible to bypass this step and complete a full wipe of all content stored on the phone. On older models (before September 2014), there may also be ways for tech-savvy individuals to access their phones using special tools designed for jailbreaking iPhones. Regardless of which method you choose though – please note that a successful factory reset without a passcode will permanently erase ALL content from your phone including photos, music files, messages etc., so make sure that any important information has been backed up first!

How Do You Factory Reset a Locked Iphone 6?

Resetting a locked iPhone 6 can be difficult, but it is possible if you know how. First, make sure your device is powered off and plugged into a power source. Then, press and hold both the Home button and Sleep/Wake (power) buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until the Apple Logo appears.

You should then see an option to reset your phone on the screen; select this option using either the volume up/down keys or home button as appropriate for your model of iPhone 6. Once selected, follow any additional instructions that appear onscreen to complete the factory reset process. In some cases you may need to enter a security code prior to being able to access these options – this will depend on whether or not you have set one up previously in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode – so make sure you have this information available before proceeding with a factory reset if necessary.

Once completed, your phone will be restored back to its original settings and all personal data stored within it will be erased; however please note that doing so could mean losing any existing contacts or photos associated with your account unless they are backed up elsewhere beforehand!

How Do You Factory Reset a Iphone Without the Password?

Factory resetting an iPhone without the password can be a tricky process, but it is possible. The first step is to back up your data in case you lose any important information during the factory reset process. You can do this by connecting your iPhone to iTunes and creating a backup file.

After backing up your data, you will need to put the iPhone into DFU mode which stands for Device Firmware Update Mode. To do this, hold down both the home button and power button at the same time until you see a black screen appear on your phone’s display; then release them both simultaneously. Once in DFU mode, connect your iPhone to iTunes again and select “Restore” from within iTunes’ menu bar; this will erase all of its content including passwords associated with that device.

Before proceeding with restoring it, make sure that you have selected “Set Up as New Phone” option available when setting up from within iTunes; otherwise some stored passwords may still remain after restoration procedure has been completed successfully.

How to Factory Reset iPhone 6 without Password [Tutorial]

How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Passcode And Computer

If you want to factory reset your iPhone without a passcode or computer, there are several ways to do this. The easiest way is through iCloud’s Find My feature, which allows you to remotely erase data from your device. You can also use iTunes if you have access to the same Apple ID used on the device.

Additionally, some devices may allow you to use Recovery Mode in order to wipe all of its contents and restore it back to factory settings.

How to Reset Iphone 6 When Locked Without Computer

If you are looking to reset your iPhone 6 without the need of a computer, you can do so by going into Settings > General > Reset and selecting Erase All Content and Settings. Keep in mind that this will delete all content from your device including photos, music, apps, contacts, etc., and it is recommended that you create a backup before proceeding with this action.

How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Apple Id Password

If you need to factory reset your iPhone but can’t remember or access the Apple ID password, there are a few ways to do it. First, if you have enabled the Find My iPhone feature on your device, you can use or the Find My app on another Apple device to erase and restart your phone without requiring the Apple ID password. Another option is using iTunes from a computer that has previously been synced with your iPhone—simply connect it via USB cable and follow instructions in iTunes for restoring it back to its original settings.

How to Factory Reset Iphone Without Password for Free

Resetting your iPhone without a password is possible and can be done for free. To do this, simply turn off the device, then press and hold the Home button while connecting it to a computer with iTunes installed. After a few seconds, you will see an option in iTunes which allows you to reset your iPhone without needing to enter any passwords.

Be sure that all of your data is backed up prior to doing this as it will wipe away all information stored on the device.


The factory reset process for the iPhone 6 is fairly straightforward and can be done without a password. It’s important to note that all data will be lost in this process, so it should only be used as a last resort if other methods have failed. With that being said, it’s an effective way to restore your device back to its original settings and may even fix any existing issues you’re having with the phone.

If you ever find yourself needing to complete a factory reset on your iPhone 6, just follow the steps outlined above!