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How to Curl Hair Without Heat

Curls can be achieved without using heat, by using some items commonly found around the home. Start by wetting your hair and then separating it into sections. Using a small comb or rat tail brush, apply an even layer of gel or mousse to each section of your hair from roots to ends.

Then roll each section up in a loose bun at the back of your head and secure with clips or pins. Leave for several hours until completely dry, remove clips/pins and unravel curls. Finally finger style as desired while spritzing with hairspray if needed to hold shape all day long!

  • Wet Hair: Start with freshly washed or damp hair, as this will make it easier to style with the curling technique you’ll be using
  • Apply Styling Product: Use a styling product such as mousse, gel, or curl cream to help hold the curls in place and add shine
  • Work it through your hair evenly from root to tip
  • Divide Your Hair into Sections: Separate your hair into sections that can easily be worked with- usually 4 equal parts is best for most people (top left/right and bottom left/right)
  • Secure each section away from the others with clips until you’re ready to work on them individually
  • Choose Your Curling Method: There are several methods of curling without heat- braiding, pinning up locks, twisting around fingers and more! Experiment by trying different techniques until you find one that works well for you and creates the look you want! 5
  • Braid or Pin Each Section : Starting at the nape of your neck , braid each section tightly before either pinning them up against your head or wrapping them around an elastic band
  • This will create a temporary curl which should last overnight
  • 6 Finish With Hairspray : After all sections have been curled , finish off by spraying some hairspray over your entire head
  • This will ensure that any frizz is tamed down and keep those curls lasting all day long !
How to Curl Hair Without Heat


How Can I Curl My Hair Naturally?

If you’re looking for a way to curl your hair without using heat, then natural curls may be the answer. Natural curly hair is not only healthier than using heated curling tools, it also looks amazing! Here are some tips on how to achieve natural curls: Start by washing and conditioning your hair as you normally would.

Once your hair is clean and damp, create several small sections of the same size. Begin with one section at a time and apply a generous amount of mousse or styling cream from roots to ends. Then take each section of your hair in one hand and begin twisting it into spirals until all of the strands are wound up tightly against each other.

Secure each twist with clips or bobby pins so that they stay in place while drying overnight – this will help set the shape of your curls more easily. When all sections have been pinned securely, let them dry naturally overnight (or use a diffuser if desired). In the morning, remove the clips/pins carefully before lightly scrunching out any excess product with your fingers and tousle through for soft waves instead of tight spirals!

With these simple steps, you can enjoy beautiful natural curls without having to resort to damaging hot tools – happy styling!

How Can I Make My Hair Wavy Without Heat in 5 Minutes?

If you’re looking for a way to make your hair wavy without using any heat, then it can be done in as little as five minutes. All you need is some water and a few simple items from your kitchen. Start by wetting your hair with the water, then divide it into sections and twist each one until it forms an “S” shape.

Once all of the sections have been twisted, secure them with clips or pins and leave them that way for about five minutes. After that time has passed, release the twists and style your hair however you like! The great thing about this method is that not only will your hair look naturally wavy but there’s also no damage caused by heat styling tools either – bonus!

How to Get Curly Hair Overnight?

Getting curly hair overnight is possible if you have the right technique. The key to getting beautiful, bouncy curls is all in the prep work. Before bedtime, start by washing and conditioning your hair with a product designed for curly locks.

Then apply a generous amount of curl-enhancing mousse or gel onto damp strands while they are still wet. Make sure you evenly distribute it from root to tip and then use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to scrunch excess moisture out of your hair so it doesn’t get weighed down during sleep. Once finished, braid or twist your hair into 2–4 sections – depending on how big you want your curls – and secure them with clips or bobby pins before going to bed.

In the morning, remove the clips and unravel each section one at a time until all braids/twists are released. To finish up, lightly spritz some hairspray over your ringlets to lock them in place and voilà! You’re ready for a day of gorgeous curls that will last until nightfall!


How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat in 5 Minutes

If you want to style your hair without using heat, a great option is to curl it with braids. All you need is five minutes and some elastics! First, start by dividing the hair into four sections.

Then take each section and braid it loosely from top-to-bottom. Secure the bottom of each section with an elastic band. Next, leave the braids in for at least 20 minutes or overnight if desired.

Finally, remove the elastics to reveal beautiful curls that will last all day long!

How to Curl Hair Without Heat Overnight

When it comes to curling your hair without using any heat, the best option is to try overnight curls. This method involves braiding damp hair before going to bed and then taking out the braid in the morning for beautiful wavy locks! To achieve this look, simply wash your hair as normal and apply a light styling product like mousse or gel.

Then separate your hair into three sections and loosely braid each one before tucking them away for sleep. In the morning, you’ll have natural-looking waves that will last all day long!

How to Curl Hair Without Heat Short Hair

For those with short hair who don’t want to use heat styling, there are still ways to get beautiful curls. One easy method is to simply twist damp strands of hair around your finger and then secure the curl in place with a bobby pin. You can leave it pinned for several hours or overnight and when you remove it you’ll have gorgeous, heat-free curls!

For an even easier option, try using rollers – just wrap small sections of damp hair around them and let the rollers set until your hair is dry for perfect-looking waves without any heat tools.

How to Curl Your Hair Naturally Overnight

One of the easiest ways to get natural curls without using any heat is by using a technique known as overnight curling. To do this, start with damp hair that has been brushed through and divide it into two-inch sections. Then, twist each section around your finger and secure it at the base with an elastic band or bobby pin.

Leave in these twists overnight and in the morning you’ll have beautiful soft waves!


This blog post has shown us that there are several methods to curl our hair without using heat. Whether you prefer a more natural approach with rollers or rag curls, or something more creative like paper clips and headbands, these options will help you achieve the perfect look without having to worry about damaging your hair from too much heat styling. With this knowledge, we can now rock beautiful curls without fear of damage.