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How to Create Lottie Animation Without After Effects

Creating Lottie animation without After Effects is possible with a few pieces of software. The most popular option is an open source program called Bodymovin. This program allows users to create animations from JSON files generated in After Effects, and then export them as HTML or SVG formats for web-based applications or iOS/Android apps.

Additionally, there are other programs such as Adobe Animate and Flash Professional which can be used to create the same type of animation but require more skill set than Bodymovin does. Finally, one could also use programs like Blender, Maya or Cinema 4D if they have prior experience in 3D modeling and animation. All these tools enable you to create stunning animations that would otherwise only be achievable with After Effects.

  • Step 1: Gather your assets
  • Before you begin creating a Lottie animation, it is important to gather all the necessary assets that you need for the animation
  • This includes any artwork, images or illustrations that will be used in the animation as well as any sound effects and music clips
  • Step 2: Download Bodymovin software
  • Next, download Bodymovin – this is an open-source After Effects extension which can export animations into JSON format so they can be played back by web browsers and mobile apps
  • Step 3: Create your animation in After Effects
  • Once you have downloaded the software, use Adobe After Effects to create your desired animation using all of your gathered assets from Step 1
  • Step 4: Export as JSON file with Bodymovin plugin
  • When finished with creating your animation in After Effects , export it into a JSON file using the body movin plugin installed at step 2
  • Now you have created a lottie without after effects !
How to Create Lottie Animation Without After Effects


Can You Use Lottie Without After Effects?

Yes, you can use Lottie without After Effects. Lottie is a library of open-source animations that are designed for mobile platforms and have been optimized to deliver stunning animation experiences on iOS and Android devices. The library works by taking JSON files created in Adobe After Effects, which contain vector shapes and motion data, and rendering them as high quality images or videos.

But what makes it so great is that you don’t need to be an expert with After Effects to make use of this fantastic tool – anyone can do it! You simply upload your JSON file into the editor (which supports both online editing options as well as offline applications such as Adobe Animate), customize the animation settings, then export your creation in any format you like including gifs, webm video clips or even interactive HTML5 animation formats. So if you want to create beautiful animated designs without having to learn how to use complex software like Adobe After Effects, then definitely give Lottie a go!

How to Make Your Own Lottie Animation?

If you’re looking to create your own dynamic and engaging animation, Lottie is a great option. It’s an open-source library from AirBnB that enables designers and developers alike to easily use animations in their projects. With its simple JSON format, it allows users to quickly create high-quality animations without needing extensive coding knowledge.

Furthermore, the library can be used on both web and mobile platforms so you don’t need separate versions of the same animation for each platform. Making your own Lottie animation is relatively straightforward once you understand how the process works. Firstly, decide what kind of motion or action you want your animated object to do – this could be anything from bouncing around the screen to growing larger when clicked on by a user.

You then need to design the artwork for each frame of the animation which can either be done manually with design software such as Adobe After Effects or Photoshop, or there are online tools available like Bodymovin which allow you export vector graphics into JSON files for use with Lottie directly. Once all of your frames have been designed and exported into JSON files they can then be uploaded onto any website or app where they will become interactive elements that respond when interacted with by visitors/users of whatever platform it was uploaded onto!

What Can I Use Instead of Lottie Editor?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Lottie Editor, there are a few options available. The first is Adobe After Effects, which can be used to create and animate vector graphics, including animations that can be exported as JSON files compatible with the Lottie format. Another option is Bodymovin, an open-source After Effects extension that allows users to export animation data in the Lottie format without needing to use any additional software.

Finally, some 3D animation software packages like Blender also support exporting in the Lottie format. All of these alternatives offer a range of features and capabilities perfect for creating dynamic animations suitable for both web and mobile applications.

What Tools Do You Need to Make a Lottie Animation?

To make a Lottie animation, you need the right tools. The most essential tool is an animation software such as Adobe After Effects or Bodymovin, which is used to create the motion graphics and give it life. You also need some kind of vector design program like Adobe Illustrator to create your character designs and elements that will be animated later on.

This step involves designing all aspects of the character from its shape and size to its colors and facial features. Additionally, you’ll likely want audio editing software for creating sound effects for your animations if desired, as well as a video editing program like Premiere Pro for putting together multiple clips into one cohesive piece. Once complete, all these components are exported in a JSON format so they can be implemented into an app or website using Lottie libraries.

With these few simple steps and the right set of tools at hand, anyone can create their own beautiful Lottie animations!

How to Create Lottie Animation without Adobe After Effects?

Create Lottie Animation in Figma

Figma is an innovative design platform that allows users to create Lottie animations with ease. Through its intuitive and user-friendly interface, designers can quickly create high-quality animations by combining shapes, images, text and other elements. With Figma’s robust tools, it has become a popular choice for creating beautiful Lottie animations with minimal effort yet maximizing results.

Haiku Animator

Haiku Animator is a powerful, user-friendly animation software that allows users to create and animate stunning projects with ease. With its intuitive design and easy-to-use tools, Haiku Animator makes it simple for anyone to bring their ideas to life on screen. It also features a library of pre-made assets so you can get started quickly, plus advanced features like particle effects for creating beautiful special effects.

Create Lottie Animation Online Free

Creating animations with Lottie is now easier than ever before. With the various online platforms available, you can use a variety of tools to create beautiful and engaging animations for free. Whether it’s for a website, app or video project, creating Lottie animation online free has never been simpler.

You can find detailed tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to animate with this powerful toolkit, making it easy to get started in no time!

Lottie Animation Creator

Lottie Animation Creator is an amazing tool for creating high-quality animations for websites, mobile apps and more. It uses a JSON format that allows you to create complex animation sequences with minimal effort and no coding required. Lottie also has the ability to use custom fonts, control speed of animation playback, tweak easing curves, add masks and effects and even make adjustments based on device size or orientation.

With its intuitive user interface, this powerful software makes it easy to produce stunning motion graphics in minutes!


Overall, creating Lottie animations without After Effects is an achievable task that can be done with the right tools and knowledge. With the help of Adobe Animate or Bodymovin, you can create beautiful interactive animations to use in your projects. It is important to remember that creating animation takes time and practice, so don’t expect it to come easily at first!

However, with dedication and some experimentation, you will soon have stunning animated creations for any project.