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How to Convert Excel to Vcf Without Software

To convert Excel to VCF without software, you will need an online service. There are many services available for free, such as vCardMaker and Excel to vCard Converter. The process is generally the same for each service: first upload the Excel file containing your contacts’ information, then select which columns of data you want included in the VCF file (such as name, phone number and email address).

When ready, download the new VCF file and save it to your computer. You can also use a desktop converter program if needed; some popular programs include CardExchange by Convex Technologies or ABC Amber vCard Converter.

  • Open your Excel worksheet containing the contacts you want to convert into a VCF file
  • Add a new row at the top of the sheet and add labels for each column; typically these would be name, email address, phone number or other contact information fields
  • Copy the data from all columns except for any blank ones; this will ensure that only valid entries are converted
  • Go to https://github
  • com/vinayak-mehta/excel-to-vcard and select “Clone or download,” then choose “Download ZIP
  • ” Extract and save it on your computer in an easy-to-find location like your desktop folder or documents folder 5
  • Unzip the files by right clicking on it and selecting “Extract All” (Windows) or double clicking on them (Mac)
  • Double click on excel_to_vcf_converter batch file inside the downloaded folder to open it up in Notepad if you are using Windows OS
  • If you are using MacOS open excel_to_vcf_converter shell file with TextEdit application
  • 7 Enter two lines of code as given below – java -jar excelToVcfConverterFullPath inputExcelFileFullPath outputVcfFileFullPath 8 Save changes in notepad / text edit window by pressing ctrl+s & close notepad / textedit window 9 Now double click again on excel_to_vcf converter batch file(for windows) /Shell File(For mac os )
  • This will start executing program & generate vCard (
  • VCF )file which is saved at same place where your inputExcelFile was located
How to Convert Excel to Vcf Without Software


How Do I Convert Excel to Vcf?

Converting Excel to VCF (vCard) is an easy process that can be done in a couple of steps. First, open up your Excel document and save it as a .csv file.

Once the document has been saved as a .csv, you will need to go through each column and make sure they are formatted correctly for the type of information they contain. For example, if you have contact information like names, addresses or phone numbers, make sure all this data is in the right format so that when it converts into VCF it will still be legible.

After you’ve checked that all your columns are properly formatted, simply export the file as a vCard (.VCF). This should open up another window where you can select which fields from your sheet should become part of the vCard. Finally click ‘OK’ and then save the card onto your computer with whatever title you choose!

Now any time someone wants to share their contacts with others they can easily do so just by sending over one conveniently sized VCF file instead of having to send multiple excel sheets or individual text files.

How Do I Convert Excel Contacts to Vcf for Free?

Converting Excel contacts to VCF (Virtual Contact File) format is a great way of transferring your contact information from one device or platform to another. Fortunately, there are several free methods you can use for the conversion process. One of the easiest ways to convert your data is by using an online converter tool that supports both XLSX and VCF formats.

All you need to do is upload your file, select the export option as ‘VCF’, and wait for it to be converted into a compatible format with which most other devices will be able to interact easily. Alternatively, you could also make use of some desktop tools like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird; they provide easy access to their inbuilt export/import functions which enable users to quickly transfer contacts between different platforms including mobile phones and tablets. Finally, if neither of these options work out for you then consider downloading dedicated software like vCard Wizard Contacts Converter for Windows – this application allows users complete control over how their contacts get exported and imported across various platforms without any hassle!

What is the Best Free Excel to Vcf Converter?

One of the best free Excel to VCF converters available is Dux Data Recovery’s Excel to VCF Converter. This software offers an easy-to-use interface and powerful features that make it a reliable choice for quickly converting your data from one format to another. It supports all versions of Microsoft Excel, including xlsx, xlsm, csv, txt and more.

With this converter you can easily convert any number of contacts in bulk with just few clicks. The output file will be saved as vCard or .vcf (Vcard File) which can then be imported into multiple devices like iPhone, Android phones and other smart phones etc.

Furthermore, this program also has a preview feature so you can check the converted contacts before saving them on your device or PC/Laptop storage location.

How Do I Convert a Csv File to Vcf?

Converting a CSV file to VCF (vCard) is relatively straightforward. First, you’ll need to open the CSV file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Once you have the data opened and formatted correctly, export it as a vcf file from either of those programs.

In Excel this can be done by clicking on “File” then “Save As”, selecting the type of document you’d like to save it as (in this case, vcf), and giving your file a name. In Google Sheets, click on File > Download As > Comma separated values (.csv). Then simply change the extension from .

csv to .vcf and voila! Your contact list is now saved in an easily transferable format for use with other devices that support vCards like iPhones and Android phones.

How to Convert Excel to vCard (VCF) File Manually | CONVERT EXCEL TO VCF

Convert Excel to Vcf Online Free

Converting Excel to VCF online is a quick and easy way to create contact list files. With the help of free online tools, you can easily convert an Excel spreadsheet into a VCF file with just a few clicks. This allows you to quickly import your contacts for use in other applications, such as email programs or address book software.

You can also share your contacts with others by sending them the resulting VCF file.

Excel to Vcf Converter

Excel to Vcf Converter is a tool that helps you to easily convert your Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) into a vCard format (.vcf). It allows you to quickly and conveniently transfer contacts from one platform to another, so you don’t have to manually enter the information. This converter not only supports single contact conversion but also bulk conversion of multiple contacts in just one go!

Excel to Vcf Converter for Android

Excel to VCF Converter for Android is an app that can help you quickly and easily convert Excel contacts into the widely-used vCard format. It supports both single and batch conversion, making it a great choice for those who need to transfer their contact data from one platform to another. The app also features numerous customization options, allowing you to adjust its settings according to your requirements.

With this convenient tool, transferring your contacts between different devices has never been easier!

Csv to Vcf

Converting a CSV file to VCF is an easy process that can be useful for transferring contact information from one program or device to another. A CSV (comma-separated values) file is a text document used for storing tabular data, where each line of the document contains records separated by commas. On the other hand, a VCF (virtual contact file) stores contacts and their associated information such as name, address, phone number etc., in electronic form.

To convert a CSV file into VCF format, you will need to use some type of converter software or tool. The converted output should then be imported into your target program or device so that it can be used appropriately.


In conclusion, the process of converting Excel to VCF without software can be a challenging task. However, with an understanding of how to use online resources like CSV2VCF Converter and Vcf-Converter, anyone can successfully convert their contacts from Excel into the VCF format quickly and easily. Regardless of your level of computer expertise, it pays to familiarize yourself with these tools so that you are prepared if ever the need arises for you to make this conversion.