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How to Connect Mobile Internet With Pc Without Usb

To connect your mobile internet with your PC without USB, you will need a Wi-Fi hotspot or router. You can purchase a Wi-Fi router from any electronics store and set it up according to the instructions provided with the device. Then, turn on both the mobile phone and PC’s Wi-Fi connection, and search for available networks.

Connect to the same network using both devices, then open your browser on the PC and enter an address such as to confirm that you are connected to the internet through your mobile phone’s data plan/SIM card. If successful, you can now enjoy browsing without needing a wired connection.

  • Download a Network Sharing Software: The first step to connecting mobile internet with your PC without USB is to download and install a network sharing software, such as Connectify or MyPublicWiFi
  • This will allow you to share your phone’s data connection with other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Activate Internet Tethering on Your Phone: Once the network sharing software has been installed, open it and activate internet tethering on your phone by going into Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Tethering & Portable Hotspot
  • Enable this feature and then connect your phone to the computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (depending on which option is available)
  • Create a Virtual Router Using Network Sharing Software: Now that the two devices are connected, launch the network sharing software that you downloaded earlier and create a virtual router using it
  • This will allow multiple devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones, to access the mobile data connection of your phone simultaneously without any cables involved at all! 4
  • Enjoy Mobile Data Connection With Your PC Without USB: You’re now ready to use mobile internet with your PC without needing any USB cable connections whatsoever! Simply connect any other device in range of this new wireless hotspot created by your virtual router – no extra steps required!
How to Connect Mobile Internet With Pc Without Usb


How Can I Connect My Mobile Internet to My Pc Wirelessly?

Connecting your mobile Internet to your PC wirelessly is a great way to access the web on both devices without needing an internet connection. There are several ways you can do this, depending on which device you own and what type of wireless technology it supports. The most popular method is by using a Wi-Fi hotspot created from your phone, such as those offered by some carriers like Verizon or AT&T.

To create one, all you need to do is turn on the “mobile Hotspot” feature in the settings menu of your phone and then connect to it using Wi-Fi with whatever device you are trying to use (your PC). Another option is Bluetooth tethering, which allows for data transfer between two compatible devices over short distances. All that needs doing here is enabling Bluetooth tethering in the settings menu of both devices and pairing them together before connecting them via Bluetooth – there should be instructions for this process provided by each manufacturer if needed.

Finally, there are USB cables designed specifically for connecting phones and computers together; these allow for transferring data between both devices directly through their physical connections – no wireless connection required! Whichever method you choose ultimately depends upon what type of device(s) you have available but they all provide excellent options when wanting fast and reliable access to the web from multiple sources at once.

How Can I Share Internet to My Computer Without Usb?

Sharing your internet connection with your computer without using a USB cable is relatively easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. The first thing you will need to do is make sure both the computer that has access to the internet, as well as the one that needs it, are connected to the same network. Once you have verified this, you can then create an ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) network between them.

This type of connection allows two or more computers to connect directly without needing any additional hardware like routers or cables. To set up an ad-hoc connection on Windows 10, go into Settings → Network & Internet → Change adapter options and then right click on either of your networks and select ‘Create Ad Hoc Network’ from there. After setting up this direct link between both devices, simply open up your internet browser on the device which doesn’t have access and connect to whichever website you need!

With these simple steps completed, you should now be able to share your internet connection without having to use any USB cables at all!

How Can I Access My Mobile Data on My Laptop Without Usb?

If you’re looking to access your mobile data on your laptop without having to use a USB cable, there are several options available. One of the most popular and easiest ways is by using Wi-Fi Direct technology. This allows you to connect your device directly with another device wirelessly and without having to use an internet connection or router.

You could also try using Bluetooth tethering which will allow you to connect two devices together using a Bluetooth connection. Both these methods require that both the laptop and mobile phone have compatible hardware for the connections but once connected, files can be transferred between them quickly and easily. Another option is wireless hotspotting where you create a wireless network from your smartphone’s cellular data connection that other devices can join in order to gain access too it’s data capabilities, again this requires compatible hardware on both devices but allows multiple users access at any one time instead of just one-to-one connections like Wi-Fi direct or Bluetooth tethering does.

How to Connect Mobile Internet to Laptop without USB Cable

How to Connect Pc Internet to Mobile Without Usb And Wifi

Connecting your PC’s internet to your mobile without the use of a USB or WiFi is possible with Bluetooth tethering. This allows you to share the internet connection from your computer with another device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. All you need for this to work is Bluetooth enabled on both devices and an active internet connection on the host computer.

Once connected, all data transferred over the link will be encrypted for privacy and security purposes.

How to Use Pc Internet on Mobile With Usb

If you need to use your PC’s internet connection on your mobile device, one of the easiest ways to do this is by using a USB cable. First, connect one end of the USB cable into your PC and then plug the other end into your mobile device. Your phone should automatically recognize the connection and prompt you to begin using it; if not, open Settings and look for an option that says “Tethering” or something similar.

Once enabled, you will be able to access the internet from anywhere on your mobile device!

How to Connect Mobile Internet to Computer

Connecting your mobile device to a computer is an easy process that allows you to access the internet using your phone’s data connection. To connect, simply enable tethering on your phone and then use the USB cable that came with it to connect it to the computer. Once connected, you can open up any web browser on the computer and start browsing as if you were using the device itself!

How to Connect Mobile Internet to Laptop Via Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth to connect mobile internet to your laptop is a great way to ensure that you have access to the internet wherever you go. To do this, first make sure that both your laptop and phone are compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. Then turn on the Bluetooth settings for both devices and search for available connections.

Once you’ve located each device, pair them together by entering in any necessary authentication codes or pin numbers. Finally, once they’re paired up, you can use your mobile data plan on your laptop just as if it were connected directly through an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi network!


This blog post provided a comprehensive overview of how to connect your mobile internet with a PC without using USB. In conclusion, it is possible to connect the two devices wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tethering, and through direct connection using an Ethernet adapter or router. By following these steps, you can easily access the internet on your PC without any difficulty.