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How to Connect Alexa to Wifi Without the App

In order to connect your Amazon Alexa device to a Wi-Fi network without the app, you’ll need an Ethernet cable and access to the router. With these in hand, follow these steps: 1. Connect the Ethernet cable from your router to the back of your Alexa device.

2. Open up a web browser on any computer or mobile device that is already connected to your Wi-Fi network and type 192.168.4 into the address bar (or navigate directly there). This will open up an Amazon setup page for connecting devices with no app required. 3. Select “Connect” next to “Wi-Fi Network” and it will give you a list of available networks nearby; select yours from this list by entering its password when prompted, then click “Connect”.

4. Once connected, disconnect the Ethernet cable and enjoy using Alexa!

  • Open the Alexa companion app on your mobile device and select “Settings” from the menu options at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Set up a new device” and then click “Alexa Device
  • Choose either “Echo & Alexa” or “Other Devices”, depending on which type of Alexa device you have, and follow the prompts to begin setting up your Echo speaker or other compatible product by connecting it to Wi-Fi without using an app
  • 4
  • Make sure that your phone is connected to Wi-Fi before proceeding with setup
  • Enter in your home network’s name (SSID) and password into the appropriate fields provided within the Alexa app as instructed by Amazon’s setup wizard for this particular task; if necessary, refer to any paperwork included with your device for more specific instructions about how to set up Wi-Fi connection settings for that specific model type of Echo speaker or other compatible product being used (e
  • , Alexa Dot)
  • 6 Once all credentials are entered correctly into the corresponding fields, select “Connect” from within the Settings page in order to connect your Alexa enabled device(s) directly onto its own secure wireless network connection without having use a third party application such as an Android or iOS based smart phone/tablet app like normally required when configuring these types of devices!
How to Connect Alexa to Wifi Without the App


Can You Manually Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can manually connect Alexa to Wi-Fi. All you need to do is open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet, select ‘Settings’ from the menu and choose the device you want to connect. Next, select ‘Change Wi-Fi Network’, enter your Wi-Fi network name and password and then press continue.

Once connected, your Echo device should indicate it is now ready for use with a green light ring around its top edge. This process may take several minutes depending on how many devices are already connected to your network. You’ll also need to ensure that you have a strong signal strength in order for Alexa’s voice commands to work effectively – if not, try moving closer to the router or using an extender if necessary!

How Do I Connect My Alexa to a New Wi-Fi?

Connecting your Alexa to a new Wi-Fi network is actually quite simple and straightforward. First, make sure your Echo device is powered on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the one you want to connect it to. Next, open the Alexa app on your mobile device or computer.

Select “Settings” from the menu and then select “Set Up A New Device” option from there. You will be asked for information such as what type of Echo device you have and its serial number, which should be printed somewhere on the side or bottom of your unit. After that, follow instructions in order to enter in your new Wi-Fi password and connect it with Amazon’s server for activation purposes.

Once completed, congratulations! Your Echo device has now been successfully connected with the new Wi-Fi network! Enjoy using all of Alexa’s wonderful features without having any connection problems whatsoever!

Can You Use Alexa Without App?

Yes, you can use Alexa without an app. All you need is a device with the Amazon Alexa built-in and a compatible internet connection. With just a few simple steps, you can enable your devices to access the amazing features of voice control offered by Alexa.

Once enabled, all that’s required is speaking out commands or questions in natural language for Alexa to understand and respond accordingly. This includes voice recognition for specific tasks such as playing music from streaming services, setting alarms and timers, controlling smart home devices like lights or thermostats, getting news updates and weather reports along with many more interesting features that make using Alexa completely hands-free!

How Do I Reset Wi-Fi on Alexa?

Resetting your Wi-Fi on Alexa can be done easily in a few simple steps. First, make sure that your device is connected to the internet and powered on. Next, open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet and select Settings from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

From there, select Wi-Fi under Network & Internet settings and then tap Forget Network. Finally, enter your Wi-Fi password when prompted by Alexa to complete the reset process. After doing so, you should be all set with a refreshed connection between Alexa and your home network!

How to Connect Alexa to a New WiFi Network without app

How to Connect Alexa Echo Dot to Wifi

Connecting your Alexa Echo Dot to Wi-Fi is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. First, plug the power adapter into the back of your Echo Dot and then into an electrical outlet. Then open the Alexa app on your mobile device, where you will be prompted to select “Set up a new device” and then follow the instructions provided by Alexa.

Once connected, you’ll have access to Amazon’s voice assistant through any compatible devices in range of your Wi-Fi network.

How to Connect Alexa to New Wifi

Connecting Alexa to a new wifi network is easy. All you need to do is open the Alexa app on your mobile device, select “Settings” from the menu, then “Network & Internet,” and finally select “Wi-Fi”. From there, you’ll be able to choose your desired Wi-Fi network and enter in the correct password for it.

Once entered correctly, Alexa will automatically connect itself to that Wi-Fi network.

Alexa App

The Alexa App is a free mobile application developed by Amazon that allows users to control their compatible Echo devices, receive personalized recommendations, and manage their music and other media through voice commands. The app also provides access to thousands of skills from third-party developers and makes it easy for users to find new features as they become available. With the Alexa App, you can check your calendar, create shopping lists, set alarms and timers, control lighting systems in your home or office space — all with just the sound of your voice.

How to Connect Alexa to Wifi on Computer

Connecting Alexa to wifi on a computer is quite simple. All you have to do is open the Alexa app, select ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Network & Internet’. From there, select ‘Wi-Fi’ and click on your home Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks.

Finally, enter your password for the wifi connection when prompted and click “Connect” to finish setting up your device. Once connected, you should be able to use Alexa with your computer!


Overall, connecting Alexa to WiFi without the app is possible and quite simple. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet browser, the network name and password of your WiFi connection, and the Alexa device itself. Follow these steps carefully and you will have no problem in setting up your Amazon Echo or other Alexa devices.

With this method, it won’t be necessary to use the app anymore for this purpose!