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How Tall is Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne is the current Robin and the son of Batman. He stands at 5’5″ tall.

Assuming you are asking about the character from the comics, Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. He was raised by his mother and the League of Assassins before eventually being taken in by his father. Damian stands at 5’5″, making him one of the shorter members of the Bat-family.

However, he more than makes up for it with his combat skills and viciousness. He is an excellent fighter and has been trained by some of the best in the business. Despite his young age, Damian has already made a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with.

He is a skilled detective like his father and has a sharp mind for strategy. Damian is also not afraid to get his hands dirty, which has earned him both respect and fear from those who know him best.

How Tall is Damian Wayne at 14

When it comes to the comic book character of Damian Wayne, there is some debate over how tall he is supposed to be. According to his Wiki entry, Damian is supposed to be 5’5″ tall. However, other sources say that he is actually closer to 5’2″. Regardless of which height is accurate, it’s clear that Damian is not a particularly tall 14-year-old.

This lack of height may be due to the fact that Damian was born and raised in an underground prison. He didn’t get proper nutrition or sunlight, both of which are essential for proper growth. Additionally, because he was constantly fighting and training from a young age, his bones and muscles may not have had a chance to develop properly.

Now that Damian is out in the world and getting proper care and nutrition, he may start to grow taller. In fact, in some recent comics he has been drawn with a slightly taller stature. So while we don’t know for sure how tall Damian will end up being, it’s safe to say that he’ll probably never be a towering figure like his father Batman.

How Tall is Damian Wayne in Apokolips War

In the movie Apokolips War, Damian Wayne is shown to be quite tall. He towers over most of the other characters in the film, and his height is further emphasized by his long legs. It’s difficult to say exactly how tall Damian is, but he appears to be at least 6’2″.

This makes him one of the tallest characters in the DC Universe, and it’s fitting that he should be so tall given his status as Batman’s son.

How Old is Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, making him the grandson of Ra’s al Ghul. He first appeared in Batman #655 (September 2006), and has been a central character in the comics since. Damian was born during the events of Son of the Demon, when Talia became pregnant with Bruce Wayne’s child without his knowledge.

Ra’s convinced Talia to raise Damian as his heir, and she agreed on the condition that he never know his true parentage. However, after Damian reached adulthood, Talia revealed the truth to him and brought him into contact with his father. Since then, Damian has taken on various roles within the Bat-family; he has served as Robin, Nightwing, and even Batman himself at different points.

He has also been a member of several superhero teams including the Teen Titans and Outsiders. As for his age, Damian is currently 26 years old in DC Comics continuity. This puts him at a similar age to other young heroes like Superman’s son Jon Kent or Aquaman’s daughter Mera – both of whom are around 15 years old in current continuity.

How Tall is Tim Drake

Tim Drake is the third Robin, and he’s one of the taller Robins at 5’7″. He’s not as tall as Dick Grayson (the first Robin) who is 6′, but he’s still taller than most people his age. Tim is also incredibly athletic and has a black belt in multiple martial arts.

Damian Wayne Height And Weight

The Caped Crusader has had many sidekicks over the years, but perhaps none more iconic than Robin. The Boy Wonder has been a staple of the Batman mythos for nearly 80 years, and there have been numerous incarnations of the character. The most recent Robin is Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s son with Talia al Ghul.

Damian was trained by the League of Assassins and is an expert fighter. He’s also one of the youngest Robins, debuting when he was just 10 years old. So how tall is Damian Wayne?

And how much does he weigh? According to DC Comics canon, Damian Wayne is 5’5″ tall and weighs 125 pounds. This makes him slightly taller than his predecessor, Tim Drake, who was 5’4″. Damian is also slim build like most other iterations of Robin.

Of course, since he’s a comic book character, his height and weight can fluctuate depending on the artist drawing him. Some artists might make him shorter or taller, while others might give him a more muscular build. But in general, Damian Wayne is about average height for a pre-teen boy and on the thinner side.

How Tall is Damian Wayne


Who is the Shortest Robin?

There are a few different Robins throughout DC Comics history, so it’s tough to say who the shortest one is. However, we can take a look at a few of the most popular Robins and see how they stack up against each other. One of the first Robins was Dick Grayson, who debuted way back in 1940.

He was originally depicted as being around 12 years old, which would make him pretty small compared to today’s standards. However, he has since been aged up to around 16 or 17 years old in more recent stories. Another popular Robin is Jason Todd, who became the Boy Wonder after Dick Grayson moved on to become Nightwing.

Jason Todd was also originally shown as being around 12 years old, but he too has been aged up in more recent stories. Finally, there’s Tim Drake, who is currently the longest-serving Robin. He made his debut in 1989 and has remained at around 15 or 16 years old for the majority of his time as Robin.

So, based on all of this information, it seems like Tim Drake is probably the shortest Robin (at least in terms of chronological age).

How Old is Damian Wayne Now?

As of 2019, Damian Wayne is 17 years old. He was born on April 1st, 2002 to Batman and Talia al Ghul. Damian was raised by his mother in the League of Assassins before eventually being taken in by his father and becoming Robin.

In recent years, he has taken on the mantle of Nightwing.

How Tall is Red Robin?

According to Red Robin’s website, the restaurant chain’s founder, Jim Marsh, was inspired by the robin redbreast after seeing the bird while on a fishing trip in Canada. The name “Red Robin” is also a play on the popular children’s book character Little Red Riding Hood. In terms of height, all Red Robin locations are two-story buildings with an exterior height of approximately 30 feet.

The interior of each restaurant varies slightly in terms of ceiling height, but is generally around 20 feet tall. This means that the average height of a Red Robin building is approximately 50 feet tall.

How Tall is Conner Kent?

There is no set answer for how tall Conner Kent is, as he has not officially been measured. However, based on his appearances in comics and other media, it is estimated that he is approximately 6 feet tall. This estimate may change slightly depending on who is measuring him, but overall he seems to be around this height.

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In the DC Universe, Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. He was raised by his mother in the League of Assassins and trained to be a lethal assassin. Damian is an expert martial artist and has mastered all of Batman’s gadgets.

He is also an excellent strategist and detective. Damian made his first appearance in the comics in 2006 and is currently one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe. He has appeared in numerous comic books, animated series, video games, and movies.

There is no definitive answer to how tall Damian Wayne is, but he is generally portrayed as being slightly taller than his father, Batman. In some versions of the character, he is described as being 6’2″ tall, while in others he is only 5’10”.