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how much does study com cost

A subscription costs $39.99 per month. is an online learning platform that offers a variety of courses and resources for students and professionals.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills in math, science, history, or even prepare for exams like the SAT or ACT, Study. com has you covered. With a wide range of courses and study materials available, Study. com provides a flexible and accessible option for those seeking to further their education or advance their career.

In addition to its affordable pricing, Study. com offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you have plenty of time to try out their platform and see if it meets your needs. So why wait? Start your learning journey with Study. com today.

How Much Does Study Com Cost: Unveiling the Affordable Pricing Options


Table of Contents

1. Monthly Subscription Plans

When it comes to accessing an extensive library of educational resources, offers various subscription plans to suit different needs. Whether you’re a student, parent, or educator, has a plan that fits your requirements and budget. Let’s take a closer look at their monthly subscription options:

1.1 Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is perfect for students who want to access’s vast library of study materials and interactive lessons without breaking the bank. Priced at just $X per month, this plan provides unlimited access to thousands of video lessons, practice quizzes, and study guides. With the Basic Plan, you can learn at your own pace and access resources on multiple subjects, helping you excel in your academic journey. It’s an affordable option for those who want high-quality educational content without any frills.

1.2 Plus Plan

If you’re looking for some additional features and support, the Plus Plan might be the right choice for you. Priced at $X per month, it includes all the benefits of the Basic Plan and offers added benefits such as progress tracking, personalized study plans, and access to expert academic tutors. With the Plus Plan, you gain access to’s Ask-an-Expert feature, where you can get answers to your specific questions from subject-matter experts. This plan is ideal for students who want a more guided and personalized learning experience.

1.3 Pro Plan

For educators and professionals seeking comprehensive tools and resources, the Pro Plan is the ultimate option. At $X per month, the Pro Plan offers all the features of the Plus Plan and adds professional development courses, customizable assignments, and grade tracking. With the Pro Plan, educators can easily create and manage online courses, assign homework, and track student progress. The Pro Plan also provides access to’s extensive library of teacher resources, including lesson plans and worksheets. It’s the complete package for teachers and professionals who want to enhance their teaching methods and career growth.


In conclusion, offers three monthly subscription plans to cater to the diverse needs of students, parents, and educators. The Basic Plan provides unlimited access to study materials at an affordable price, while the Plus Plan offers additional features and expert support. The Pro Plan is designed for educators and professionals, providing a comprehensive set of tools and resources for enhanced teaching and professional growth. With’s monthly subscription plans, you can access high-quality educational content and take your learning or teaching to the next level.

2. Annual Subscription Plans

If you’re considering subscribing to Study Com, you have the option to choose from their various annual subscription plans. These plans offer different features and benefits to cater to your specific educational needs. Let’s take a closer look at each plan:

2.1 Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is designed for students who are looking for essential study materials at an affordable cost. With this plan, you get access to a wide range of video lessons, practice quizzes, and study guides covering various subjects and grade levels. The Basic Plan is perfect for individuals who want to supplement their classroom learning or simply brush up on specific topics.

Key features of the Basic Plan include:

  • Unlimited access to video lessons
  • Practice quizzes for self-assessment
  • Downloadable study guides

2.2 Plus Plan

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive learning experience, the Plus Plan might be the right choice for you. This plan includes all the features of the Basic Plan, plus additional resources and benefits to enhance your studies. It’s suitable for students who prefer a more interactive and personalized approach to learning.

Key features of the Plus Plan include:

  • Everything included in the Basic Plan
  • Interactive learning tools and activities
  • Access to lesson quizzes and exams
  • Progress tracking and personalized study plans

2.3 Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is the most comprehensive subscription plan offered by Study Com. It is designed for students who are looking for a complete educational solution that covers a wide range of subjects and provides advanced learning tools. With the Pro Plan, you can take your studies to the next level and excel academically.

Key features of the Pro Plan include:

  • Everything included in the Plus Plan
  • Access to additional advanced courses
  • One-on-one tutoring sessions with subject experts
  • Full-length practice exams and test preparation materials

Now that you have an overview of the various annual subscription plans offered by Study Com, you can choose the plan that best suits your educational needs and budget. Whether you opt for the Basic, Plus, or Pro Plan, Study Com provides a comprehensive online learning platform to help you succeed in your studies.

3. Comparison Of Monthly Vs Annual Plans

Study Com offers both monthly and annual plans for users. By comparing the two options, users can determine which plan best suits their needs and budget.

When deciding on a subscription, it is essential to consider whether to opt for a monthly or annual plan. In this section, we will explore the cost savings and additional benefits associated with each option.

3.1 Cost Savings

By choosing an annual plan with, you can enjoy significant cost savings compared to a monthly subscription. Let’s delve into the numbers:

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost Savings
Monthly $XXX No additional savings
Annual $XXX Savings of $XXX compared to the monthly plan

As you can see, the annual plan not only gives you access to for a full year but also helps you save a considerable amount of money.

3.2 Additional Benefits

Aside from the cost savings, opting for an annual subscription comes with some extra perks. Let’s explore these additional benefits:

  1. Uninterrupted Access: With an annual plan, you can enjoy uninterrupted access to’s vast library of resources, courses, and quizzes for an entire year. This means you can study at your own pace without worrying about monthly renewals.
  2. Accelerated Learning: Committing to an annual plan enables you to dedicate valuable time to your studies without any distractions. It encourages a consistent learning habit and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the learning experience.
  3. Exclusive Discounts: occasionally offers exclusive discounts and promotions for annual plan subscribers. By choosing the yearly option, you may have the opportunity to take advantage of these special offers and further enhance your learning journey.

By considering the additional benefits that an annual subscription offers, you can make an informed decision to choose the most suitable plan for your needs.

4. Special Discounts And Offers

When it comes to cost, offers various special discounts and offers to make their services more affordable for different students and families. Let’s take a look at some of the discounts and offers they have available:

4.1 Student Discount

If you’re a student looking to save some money while accessing’s extensive library of courses and study resources, you’re in luck. offers a special student discount that allows eligible students to enjoy their services at a discounted rate. By taking advantage of this discount, students can access their comprehensive study materials and expert-led video lessons at a more affordable price, making their learning journey even more accessible.

4.2 Family Plan

For families who want to provide access to for multiple family members, the Family Plan offers a cost-effective solution. With the Family Plan, you can include up to three family members in a single subscription, allowing everyone to benefit from’s educational resources while saving on individual subscription costs. This option is especially beneficial for families with multiple students or individuals pursuing different areas of study.

4.3 Free Trial also offers a free trial to give potential subscribers the opportunity to explore their platform and experience the benefits firsthand. With the free trial, you can access a variety of study materials, video lessons, and practice quizzes to help you gauge the suitability of’s offerings for your educational needs. This trial period allows you to make an informed decision before committing to a subscription, making it easier to determine if is the right fit for you.

By offering these special discounts and offers, aims to make high-quality education more accessible and affordable to students from various backgrounds. Whether you’re a student looking for a cost-effective learning solution, a family seeking resources for multiple members, or someone interested in exploring their platform with the free trial, has options to accommodate different needs and budgets.

5. Value For Money: What You Get With Study Com

When it comes to investing in an online learning platform, it’s essential to consider the value for money you’ll receive. Study Com understands this concern and aims to provide its users with comprehensive study materials, interactive learning tools, and expert tutoring support. Let’s delve into what Study Com offers in terms of value for money:

5.1 Comprehensive Study Materials

Study Com provides comprehensive study materials that cater to multiple subjects and grade levels. Whether you’re a high school student looking for extra help in math or a college student studying English literature, Study Com has got you covered. Their study materials include in-depth video lessons, practice exercises, quizzes, and downloadable resources. With Study Com, you can access a vast library of educational content that is continually updated to ensure relevance and accuracy.

5.2 Interactive Learning Tools

Study Com incorporates interactive learning tools that enhance your learning experience. These tools allow you to actively engage with the study materials, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective. From interactive practice exercises to virtual simulations, Study Com provides a variety of tools that cater to different learning styles. These interactive features enable you to grasp complex concepts more effectively and retain knowledge for longer periods.

5.3 Expert Tutoring Support

Study Com understands that sometimes you may need additional assistance to fully comprehend certain topics or tackle challenging questions. That’s why they offer expert tutoring support to their users. With Study Com, you can connect with qualified tutors who are available to answer your questions and provide personalized guidance. Whether you need help with homework, test preparation, or clarifying difficult concepts, the expert tutors at Study Com are there to support you every step of the way.

With comprehensive study materials, interactive learning tools, and expert tutoring support, Study Com truly offers value for money. Investing in Study Com means gaining access to a wealth of educational resources that will help you enhance your knowledge and excel academically. Whether you’re a student striving for better grades or an individual seeking self-improvement, Study Com is the ideal platform to invest in.

How Much Does Study Com Cost: Unveiling the Affordable Pricing Options


How Much Does Study Com Cost: Unveiling the Affordable Pricing Options


Frequently Asked Questions For How Much Does Study Com Cost

How Much Does Study Com Cost?

Study. com offers flexible pricing options for its online courses. The cost depends on the subscription plan you choose and the specific courses you’re interested in. Visit the Study. com website to explore their pricing details and find the option that best fits your needs and budget.


As you can see, Study. com offers a range of subscription options that cater to different budgets and study preferences. From the affordable Basic Plan to the comprehensive College Accelerator Plan, there is something for everyone. With Study. com, you can access a vast library of resources, expert instruction, and personalized support.

So, whether you’re a high school student, a college student, or a professional seeking to expand your knowledge, Study. com provides a cost-effective solution for your educational needs. Start your learning journey with Study. com today and unlock a world of knowledge.