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How Did Shanks Stop Kaido

Shanks stopped Kaido by using his sword to cut off Kaido’s head.

Shanks is one of the most powerful pirates in the world. He’s also one of the four Yonko, which means he’s one of the four most powerful pirates in the world. So, how did he stop Kaido?

There are a few things that we know for sure. First, Shanks is an incredibly powerful fighter. He was able to take down a Pacifista with just a single sword strike, and he’s also been shown to be able to go toe-to-toe with Mihawk, who is considered to be the greatest swordsman in the world.

Second, Shanks has incredible charisma and influence. He was able to convince Whitebeard to let him join his crew, and he’s also been able to get other powerful pirates to do his bidding. This was likely a big factor in him being able to stop Kaido.

Third, Shanks has access to some incredibly powerful allies. He’s friends with Monkey D. Luffy, who is currently on his way to becoming one of the strongest pirates in the world himself. He also has ties to the Marines and even the World Government itself.

Why Did Kaido Want to Go to Marineford

Kaido, one of the Yonko, is known for his overwhelming strength. He’s been called a monster and said to be unkillable. So why did he want to go to Marineford?

Some believe that Kaido wanted to go to Marineford because he was looking for a challenge. He may have been bored with ruling over Wano Country and thought that taking on the Marines would be a fun way to pass the time. Others believe that Kaido went to Marineford in order to take revenge on Whitebeard.

He may have felt that Whitebeard was responsible for the death of his son, Ace, and wanted to settle the score. Whatever Kaido’s reasons were for going to Marineford, it’s clear that he is a force to be reckoned with. His power is feared by many and he has shown time and time again that he is not someone to be messed with.

If you ever find yourself in a battle against Kaido, you better hope that you’re prepared for anything!

How Did Shanks Stop Kaido Reddit

When it comes to the question of how Shanks stopped Kaido, there are a lot of different theories out there. However, the most popular theory is that Shanks used his Haoshoku Haki to knock Kaido out. This is supported by the fact that Shanks was able to stop Kaido’s attack on Whitebeard with just a look, which suggests that he has a very strong level of Haoshoku Haki.

Another possibility is that Shanks simply talked Kaido down, as he has done in the past with other powerful pirates. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Shanks is a formidable opponent and someone not to be underestimated.

What Episode Did Shanks Stop Kaido from Going to Marineford

In the One Piece anime, Kaido is one of the four Yonko. He is the captain of the Beasts Pirates and ruler of Wano Country. He is also one of the main antagonists in the Wano Country Arc.

In Marineford, he was stopped by Shanks from going to war. Kaido was born on an island in the West Blue. When he was a child, he found a sword washed up on the beach and decided to become a pirate.

He eventually became known as “Kaido of the Hundred Beasts”. He has a bounty of 4,611,100,000 berries. He first appears in Marineford when Sengoku reveals that Whitebeard is going to war with the World Government.

Kaido arrives with his crew and offers to help Sengoku in exchange for being made headliner news. However, Shanks arrives and tells Kaido to stop causing trouble. Kaido then leaves with his crew.

Did Shanks Fight Kaido During Marineford

Marineford was one of the most pivotal moments in One Piece lore. It was here that ace pirate Portgas D. Ace met his untimely demise at the hands of then-Admiral Akainu. The event caused a massive power struggle within the World Government as different factions fought for control.

In the midst of all this chaos, one man emerged as a true hero: Red-Haired Shanks. Shanks is known for being one of the Yonko, powerful pirates who rule over the New World. He’s also known for being Luffy’s adoptive brother and saving him from a certain death at the hands of a Sea King.

So it should come as no surprise that he would show up to Marineford to try and rescue Ace from execution. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and Ace ended up dying anyway. However, Shanks’ intervention did allow Luffy to escape and set him on the path to becoming Pirate King.

So did Shanks fight Kaido during Marineford? We don’t know for sure, but it’s very likely considering their rivalry.

Why Did Shanks Try to Stop Ace

In the anime series One Piece, Shanks is the captain of the Red Haired Pirates and one of the Yonko. He is also Ace’s foster brother. In this blog post, we will discuss why Shanks tried to stop Ace from going after Blackbeard.

First and foremost, it was because Shanks knew that Ace was no match for Blackbeard. At the time, Blackbeard was already an infamous pirate with a bounty of 100,000,000 berries. He was also a Devil Fruit user, which made him even more dangerous.

On the other hand, Ace only had a bounty of 55,000,000 berries and was not a Devil Fruit user. It was clear that Ace would be at a disadvantage in a fight against Blackbeard. Secondly, Shanks did not want to see Ace get hurt (or worse).

This is because he cared for Ace deeply and considered him family. Even though they were not blood-related, Shanks saw Ace as his younger brother and wanted to protect him from harm. This is why he tried to talk sense into Ace when he was about to go after Blackbeard.

How Did Shanks Stop Kaido


Can Shanks Defeat Kaido?

In the world of One Piece, there are a handful of characters who are so powerful that they’re almost god-like. Kaido is one of those characters. He’s been called the “Strongest Creature in the World” and has defeated some of the strongest pirates out there.

So, can Shanks defeat him? The answer is: maybe. Shanks is also an incredibly powerful pirate.

He’s known as the “Red-Haired Shanks” and is one of the Yonko, which are the four most powerful pirates in all of One Piece. He’s also a former member of Roger’s crew, meaning he was strong enough to be part of one of the most notorious crews in history. So, while it’s impossible to say for sure who would win in a fight between Shanks and Kaido, it’s definitely possible that Shanks could come out on top.

Why Did Shanks Intercept Kaido?

In the One Piece series, Shanks is one of the Yonko, or “Four Emperors”, who rule over the second half of the Grand Line. He is also a former pirate captain of the now defunct Red Hair Pirates, and currently holds the title “Emperor of the Sea”. In recent years, he has taken up residence in Wano Country.

Shanks first appears during Luffy’s childhood on Shells Town. When Luffy accidentally eats an Devil Fruit and gains rubber powers, he is rejected by everyone in town except for Shanks. The two become friends and promise to meet again when Luffy sets out to sea.

Ten years later, Shanks intercepts Kaido, one of the other Yonko, who was attacking Marineford in an attempt to rescue Ace from execution. He does this despite being outnumbered and outgunned because he believes that it is his duty as a pirate to protect his crewmate’s little brother. While he is successful in stopping Kaido’s attack, Ace is still executed and Shanks loses his left arm in the process.

Did Shanks Stop Kaido from Helping Whitebeard?

Kaido, one of the Four Emperors, was present during the Paramount War at Marineford. He was there to support his fellow Emperor, Whitebeard. However, things took a turn when Kaido tried to intervene and stop Shanks from attacking Whitebeard.

This led to a brief scuffle between the two Yonko before they were stopped by Big Mom. Kaido then explained that he only wanted to help Whitebeard since they were allies, but Shanks told him off, saying that he should’ve let Whitebeard die since he was already weak and injured. In the end, Kaido didn’t get to do anything as Whitebeard ended up dying anyway.

This event likely solidified the rift between Kaido and Shanks, which is still present today.

Why Wasn T Kaido in Marineford?

When the war at Marineford broke out, many people were wondering where Kaido was. After all, he is one of the Four Emperors and surely would have been a valuable asset in the battle. So why wasn’t Kaido there?

Well, it turns out that Kaido was actually busy fighting another war on another front. He was battling against Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates in what is known as the West Blue. This was a fierce battle that neither side could afford to lose, so Kaido had to stay and fight.

In the end, Kaido emerged victorious from the West Blue conflict and returned to Marineford just in time to see Luffy claim victory. While he didn’t take part in the actual fighting, Kaido’s presence was surely felt by all who were there.

How Did SHANKS Stop KAIDO – One Piece 995


In the blog post, “How Did Shanks Stop Kaido,” the author discusses how the character Shanks from the anime One Piece was able to stop the pirate Kaido. Shanks is a powerful pirate who is feared by many. He was able to stop Kaido by using his own power against him.

Kaido is a very strong pirate and has caused much destruction. He has been stopped before by other pirates, but they were not as strong as Shanks. Shanks was able to defeat Kaido because he used his own strength against him.

He did not try to match Kaido’s strength, but instead used his own power to overwhelm him. This allowed him to victory and earn the respect of others.