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Discover the Best Things to Do in the Gold Coast: A Guide to the Top Attractions and Activities

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The Gold Coast, located in Queensland, Australia, is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and thrilling adventure activities. With its year-round sunny weather and beautiful coastline, it attracts visitors from all over the world. The Gold Coast offers a wide range of activities and attractions to suit every traveler’s interests, whether it’s relaxing on the beach, exploring nature trails, or indulging in delicious food.

Key Takeaways

  • The Gold Coast boasts some of the best beaches in Australia, perfect for sun, surf, and sand.
  • Thrill-seekers can get their adrenaline pumping with exciting adventure activities like skydiving and jet skiing.
  • Nature lovers can explore the great outdoors with top hiking and nature trails, including the famous Lamington National Park.
  • Families can enjoy kid-friendly attractions and activities like theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and water parks.
  • Discover the local culture with visits to museums and art galleries showcasing the region’s history and art scene.

Sun, Surf, and Sand: The Best Beaches in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Surfers Paradise Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in the area, known for its golden sand and great surf breaks. It offers a lively atmosphere with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops along the beachfront. Burleigh Heads Beach is another popular choice, known for its picturesque headland and great waves for surfing. It also has a national park nearby, perfect for hiking and picnicking.

Main Beach is a family-friendly beach with calm waters and a wide sandy shoreline. It is located near Sea World and offers stunning views of the city skyline. Coolangatta Beach is located at the southern end of the Gold Coast and is known for its clear blue waters and excellent surf conditions. It also has a relaxed atmosphere and is less crowded compared to other beaches in the area.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping: Thrilling Adventure Activities to Try

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the Gold Coast offers a variety of adventure activities. Skydiving is a popular choice, allowing you to experience the thrill of freefalling from thousands of feet above the ground while enjoying breathtaking views of the coastline. Jet boating is another exciting activity that takes you on a high-speed ride through the waterways, performing thrilling maneuvers along the way.

If you’re looking for something more extreme, try bungee jumping from the iconic Q1 building, the tallest residential tower in Australia. For water lovers, there are options like jet skiing, parasailing, and flyboarding, which allow you to experience the thrill of speed and flying over the water. The Gold Coast is also known for its theme parks, such as Dreamworld, Warner Bros. Movie World, and Wet’n’Wild, where you can enjoy thrilling rides and attractions.

Explore the Great Outdoors: Top Hiking and Nature Trails

Trail Name Difficulty Level Distance (miles) Elevation Gain (feet) Estimated Time (hours)
Mount Whitney Trail Hard 22 6,100 12-16
Half Dome Trail Hard 14.2 4,800 10-12
Angel’s Landing Trail Moderate to Hard 5.4 1,488 4-5
Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Trail Hard 21 10,000 12-16
Yosemite Falls Trail Moderate 7.2 2,700 6-8

The Gold Coast is not just about beaches; it also offers stunning natural landscapes and hiking trails. The Lamington National Park is a must-visit for nature lovers, with its lush rainforests, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. The park offers a range of hiking trails, from easy walks to more challenging treks. The Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park is another great option, with its scenic walking tracks that take you through mangroves, eucalypt forests, and along the creek.

For panoramic views of the coastline, head to the Burleigh Headland National Park. It offers a variety of walking trails that lead to lookout points where you can admire the stunning views of the ocean and skyline. Springbrook National Park is also worth exploring, with its ancient rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and natural rock formations. The park has several walking tracks that take you to its most beautiful attractions.

Family Fun: Kid-Friendly Attractions and Activities

The Gold Coast is a great destination for families, with plenty of attractions and activities suitable for kids of all ages. Sea World is a popular choice, offering marine animal shows, thrilling rides, and interactive exhibits. Kids can also enjoy meeting their favorite characters at Warner Bros. Movie World or cooling off at Wet’n’Wild water park.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is another family-friendly attraction where kids can get up close and personal with native Australian animals. They can feed kangaroos, cuddle koalas, and watch animal shows. Infinity Attraction is a unique experience that combines art, technology, and special effects to create a mind-bending journey through a maze of illusions.

Discover the Local Culture: Museums and Art Galleries to Visit

For those interested in the local culture and arts scene, the Gold Coast has several museums and art galleries to explore. The Gold Coast City Gallery showcases contemporary art exhibitions from local and international artists. The Arts Centre Gold Coast is another cultural hub, hosting theater performances, concerts, and art exhibitions.

The Surf World Gold Coast museum is a must-visit for surf enthusiasts, with its collection of surfboards, memorabilia, and interactive displays. The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium is a quirky museum that showcases bizarre artifacts and oddities from around the world.

Taste the Gold Coast: Best Foodie Experiences and Restaurants

The Gold Coast offers a diverse culinary scene with a wide range of dining options to suit every palate. For seafood lovers, head to the Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern, where you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes while overlooking the marina. The Burleigh Brewing Company is a great spot for beer enthusiasts, offering a range of craft beers brewed on-site.

For a fine dining experience, try the Rick Shores restaurant located on Burleigh Beach, known for its modern Asian cuisine and stunning ocean views. The Social Eating House in Broadbeach is another popular choice, offering a menu inspired by global flavors and using locally sourced ingredients.

Nightlife Hotspots: Bars, Clubs, and Entertainment Venues

The Gold Coast comes alive at night with its vibrant nightlife scene. Surfers Paradise is the main hub for bars and clubs, offering a variety of venues to suit different tastes. Elsewhere Bar is a popular choice, known for its live music and relaxed atmosphere. The Avenue is another popular spot, offering a mix of live music, comedy shows, and DJ sets.

For a more upscale experience, head to the rooftop bar at the QT Gold Coast hotel, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city while sipping on cocktails. The Star Gold Coast casino is also a popular nightlife destination, offering a range of bars, restaurants, and live entertainment.

Retail Therapy: Shopping Destinations and Markets

The Gold Coast is a shopper’s paradise, with a variety of shopping destinations and markets to explore. Pacific Fair is one of the largest shopping centers in Australia, offering a wide range of international and local brands. The Oasis Shopping Centre in Broadbeach is another popular choice, known for its boutique stores and trendy fashion labels.

For a unique shopping experience, head to the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets, held every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evening. Here you can find a variety of stalls selling handmade crafts, jewelry, clothing, and souvenirs. The Carrara Markets is another great option, offering a wide range of products including fresh produce, clothing, homewares, and more.

Relax and Unwind: Top Spas and Wellness Centers

After all the adventure and exploration, it’s time to relax and unwind at one of the top spas and wellness centers in the Gold Coast. The Q1 Spa offers a range of luxurious treatments including massages, facials, and body wraps. The Golden Door Spa & Health Club is another popular choice, offering a range of wellness programs and treatments.

For a unique spa experience, try the Halcyon Spa located at the Peppers Soul Surfers Paradise hotel. It offers a range of holistic treatments inspired by ancient healing traditions. The Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is a wellness retreat located in the Gold Coast hinterland, offering programs focused on health and wellbeing.

Take a Day Trip: Excursions and Tours to Nearby Destinations

If you have some extra time, consider taking a day trip to explore nearby destinations. The Springbrook National Park is a great choice, with its stunning waterfalls, ancient rainforests, and natural rock formations. The Tamborine Mountain is another popular destination, known for its wineries, art galleries, and breathtaking views.

For a unique experience, take a tour to the Currumbin Valley and visit the Currumbin Rock Pools, where you can swim in crystal clear waters surrounded by lush rainforest. The Byron Bay is also worth a visit, known for its beautiful beaches, bohemian vibe, and alternative lifestyle.

The Gold Coast offers a wide range of activities and attractions for every type of traveler. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, this vibrant destination has it all. From its stunning beaches and thrilling adventure activities to its hiking trails, family-friendly attractions, and vibrant nightlife scene, the Gold Coast has something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the beauty and excitement of the Gold Coast for yourself.


What is GC?

GC stands for Gold Coast, a coastal city in Queensland, Australia.

What are some popular tourist attractions in GC?

Some popular tourist attractions in GC include Surfers Paradise Beach, Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Dreamworld, and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

What outdoor activities can I do in GC?

There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in GC, such as surfing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and whale watching.

What are some family-friendly activities in GC?

GC offers many family-friendly activities, such as visiting theme parks, going to the beach, exploring national parks, and visiting wildlife sanctuaries.

What is the best time to visit GC?

The best time to visit GC is during the autumn and spring months (March to May and September to November) when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds.

What is the currency used in GC?

The currency used in GC is the Australian dollar (AUD).

What is the time zone in GC?

GC is in the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) time zone, which is 10 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+10).