(Prague, May 19, 2017) At the beginning of May 2017, representatives of the European Cannabis industry met in Barcelona. There were two key reasons for the professional seminar: training of quality and quality control auditors, and the first ever PFC audit of the distribution unit on the European continent.

„The audit provides RDM patients potentially the highest available warranty coverage for cannabis distribution area. All this is achieved by meeting the relevant standards,”explains Pavel Kubu, CEO of International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute. ICCI is offering Patient Focused Certification (PFC) around the world.

PFC, as a specialized ICCI certification, was created in the US as a non-profit activity of patients for quality control of healing hemp. It also aims, among other things, on preventation violation of safety limits. In the USA, ICCI PFC standards have already adopted more than 20 countries – therefore they are building the basis for regulating the quality of cannabis products for human consumption.

On the other side, on the European market where these products are new, is the setting of the right quality control currently in solution. The safety of customers depends large to a extent on the quality of cannabis products. This fact is documented by recent (and first of its kind), independent testing CBD and hemp oils in Europe, carried out by the team of Professor Jany Hajšlové of Chemical Technology in Prague. Testing has not gone from the perspective of customers pink, pointing to gaps in quality and regulation of the new scientific and industrial sector.

ICCI (International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute) was established as a joint project of patient organizations, Czech scientific societies and investment firm Dioscorides Global Holdings. Main headquarters are in Prague and as a so-called “center of excellence” cooperates for example with Charles University, the Czech Technical University, the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, Mendel University in Brno and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

PFC (Patient Focus Certification) is an independent auditor for cannabis products intended for human consumption.


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